Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY Mama

Heads up about a new blog I've started!

A few years ago I started getting into things I could "do myself."  First laundry soap, then a bit of sewing, then some dish soap, then bread, then... it just snowballed!  Our expenses went down, our health went up, and I spent way less time shopping so my happiness increased exponentially.

**Perspective: We've spent an average of $200 a month on groceries since May 2008.  We both lost about 20 pounds last year, and I've lost another 2 pounds since the new year.**

So many people were surprised to hear everything we could easily and cheaply make at home (all kinds of baked goods, chocolate sauce, fermented dairy products like yogurt and creme fraiche) that I found myself writing detailed e-mails to friends and acquaintances nearly every month.  None of this stuff is hard, none of this stuff is expensive!  Apparently, none of it is common knowledge, either *grin*

So, I've started writing about everything you can do yourself over at DIY Mama (http://doityourselfmama.wordpress.com)  I get geeky about recipes, homemaking, child rearing, home schooling, gardening, canning and everything else we've gotten ourselves wrapped up in!  I hope you'll join us over there!



Ticia said...

Seriously girl, how are you going to keep all of this up?

Su said...

I love the concept of the new website, Myrnie. It's such a good match for you!

Bobbi Lewin said...

I love DIY! Today I get to learn to spin:)

do you have a recipe for homemade dusting spray?

Myrnie said...

Bobbi....dusting? What's that? :) I normally just use a damp rag, but I'll see what I can find!

Bobbi Lewin said...

I have these big hairy dust bunnies with sharp pointy teeth living under my bed! I thought some sort of light spray would help get them out:)