Monday, February 1, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

We never quite finished our meal rotation from last week- whenever I make chili, it last for days!  It was super good with cornbread baked on top, though.  The stir fry from Sunday lasted quite a while, too.  I'm pulling the recipes we didn't get to last week, to this week!

Items to use this week:
sour cream
pepperjack cheese
goat cheese
parmesan cheese

I found out that Ernie LOVES canned tuna fish, so I'm going to try a tuna wiggle casserole- I'm pretty sure I can easily replace the canned cream of mushroom soup with a homemade sauce.

Since we have the kale, we'll have pasta with braised kale and parmesan sauce or maybe a cheesy kale dish my friend told me about?

If I go to the grocery store, we'll make a batch of Cheese and Potato soup (I don't have the celery for it right now.)  I can freeze half of this for another day.  If I don't get to the store, I'll do the tatties and neeps I had planned for last week.

Now is when you jeer, but I found out that the Cool Whip container in my fridge, ACTUALLY contains Cool Whip.  A lot of Cool Whip--I think someone left it here after a family dinner.  I used to love the stuff, but not quite as much any more.  I've seen a recipe for Cool Whip-Peanut Butter-Chocolate pie that seems as good a way to use it up as any!  The fact that only the baby and I will eat peanut butter is a moot point, right?  Wonder Daddy might make an exception if there's enough chocolate involved.  With 16 oz. peanut butter, 8 oz. of Cool Whip, and a few tablespoons of melted chocolate chips...I might be on my own.  I'm OK with that.  It will be a good Sunday dessert.

I can serve the carrots for veggies with meals- Ernie will eat them with ketchup.  Eww, but yay for veggies!

I'll make pinto beans this week too- that will use the sour cream and the pepperjack.  My outdoor green onions might be ready for a harvest by then, or I could slice up a bit of onion.  I like to use dried onions in the beans themselves- they're sweeter when they're dried, I've found.  We'll serve the beans over rice.

That ought to do it!  This week will be calmer than last- I was out Thursday night, Wonder Daddy was out Wednesday and Saturday.  If there's a night with no leftovers, we'll have a pancake and eggs night- the kids love those nights!


Ticia said...

You could make zuppa tuscana with the kale too. That's my husband's favorite use for kale.
And I too move meals over to the next week if they don't get made the first time.

Elizabeth G. said...

What will you be using the tofu for? Another stir fry? What is your recipe for pinto beans that uses sour cream and pepperjack? I do it the Southern way but would like to know about yours.

Hey, you've inspired me...I'm going to eat less meat and more alternatives.