Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salt Paintings

(Yes, that's a very large jar of honey. We really like honey. And it stores really well.)

I saw Ebi-kun doing this project and thought it looked like fun! At last count, Ernie made...16 of these today? HUGE hit. You dribble glue all over a page, then sprinkle salt on top and shake off the excess (I shook it onto a plate, so I could reuse it for the next picture.) I gave her four bowls of colored water (about a 1/4 cup each, with 3 drops of food dye) and showed her how to lightly touch the top of the salt- depending on how wet your brush is, the color scoots along the glue and salt line, and it's really run. You can put colors next to each other and see how they mix, or put them right on top of each other. The original post says these won't 'store' well- I have them hung up on our art line, and can see that salt is falling off when they get bumped. But they sure are pretty! (She did it on black paper, which would be very nice. We're burning through a pile of scratch paper Bobby, that would be my business-man Dad, was nice enough to send for Ernie's use. And Bobby? It's almost gone. Wow. Have any more meetings coming up? With long printed agendas you never want to see again? Unless, of course, there's an original Ernie creation on the other side?)

Mimi couldn't get the hang of "lightly dabbing" so I gave her a blank paper and a brush. I quickly limited her to only yellow...and it still didn't end well. She sure had fun, though! Her pretty pink dress is in the wash, we'll see what color it is when it comes out.

***edit: The clothes washed up just fine with laundry detergent, white vinegar, and a little Oxy-Clean. Yay!***

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Ticia said...

Oxy Clean, I had a white shirt ruined by a stamp pad, and I soaked it in oxy-clean and cold water and it pretty much came out.

Ticia said...

Oh and project looks cute!k1

Aunt LoLo said...

Dude, yes. The pictures are pretty, but come ON! Let's talk about the real issue here - your 16 month old is dipping paint brushes into bowls, and then putting those paint brushes on paper.

Umm.......yeah. My son dips paint brushes in things, and STRAIGHT to the mouth, donotpassgo, donotcollect$200. Heh.

Oh, and i love Oxy Clean. (grin)

jojoebi said...

wow 16 pictures!
I learnt my lesson last time about trying to store these, all the salt came off and it went everywhere!

Su said...

Right up my kids' alley. OK, the next time we craft, it will be salt painting.

Debbie said...

That is a new technique to me. How fun! And like LoLo, I am so impressed with your child:)

Mama Papaya said...

What a cool project! Will be borrowing this one. :) Any bets on how much salt my baby will eat?