Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inspiration in a Piano Lesson

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I've been teaching K how to play the piano since 2004.  She's learned a lot, she knows her notes, she knows her chords and the basic progressions.  She knows how to play a scale, and how to swing.  She can sight read, and she can perform- she's quite a talented kid!

Lately she's been having the hardest time with her songs- it's frustrating for both of us because I can't possibly pass them off in the state they're in, and she's playing all the notes right but it still sounds like she's hunting and pecking for each tone.  She sounds completely unsure.

Finally today I stopped her- "K, what are you looking at while you play?"

"Well...I kind of look at both staffs.  Mostly the bass (left hand notes) I guess."
"Are you looking at the notes you're playing?"
"Alright, quit it.  You already know what you're playing- look to the next note to see where you need to go!"

And you know what?  It made all the difference.

I want to quit staring at my own feet, and always look ahead to my goals.

Have joy in the journey, guys!


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Aunt LoLo said...

Nice. ;-) First, get them to stop looking at their hands, then look forward!

Alexandra said...


Su said...

Right, wow! Good for K. And you, for being able to teach her, and walk away with a lesson yourself

Gina said...

Great reminder! And it's also quite dangerous to wander around with your eyes on your feet-just might crash into something or end up somewhere you didn't want to go. I much prefer looking forward too. Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

Way to be a great teacher....
Thanks for the words of wisdom. =)
Have a wonderful day