Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seven Red Things

Su tagged me in her "seven red things" meme a while back- this was really fun!  I'm not going to tag anybody, but it's a fun post to do if you want to pick it up.

Here are seven red things from around the house:
The red Kitchen Aid.  I LOVE this thing, and as you can gets used a lot.  It's almost never clean.  (Don't look too closely at the reflections...but if you DO see the 5 pound Costco bag of pretzels, I confiscated that from my baby when she dragged it into my bedroom, asking for a light snack.)

Double whammy- red silicone spatula and an....?  I don't know what it is, it kind of looks like an urn and it's a great size to hold all my kitchen utensils.  Another lovely (wedding) gift from my interior-decorator aunt.

This Santa present has been a HUGE hit this year- it's an easel.  I regularly find the chalk in my large stockpot with an old make up brush- the baby likes to dab on her powder in the mornings.  *sigh*  And, as Ernie excitedly shouted from underneath the easel one day "Mommy!  This is from IKEA!  Santa shops at Ikea!  See?  The sticker right here says so!"  I am SO not used to having a girl who can read.

Those egg shakers are still hanging around, but have much more tape now than when they started out (check out the sidebar for more information on these- they were a huge hit with my kids and nursery classes.)  They live in a basket next to the piano now, with castanets, scarves, and ribbons.

Voting day is coming!!

Our church magazine, The Ensign.  We have "The Friend" for the kids, and "New Era" for the teens.  This is geared towards adults (but I noticed a few kid activities and messages for teens in this issue, which is nice.)  This is a beautiful painting of Daniel in the lion's den- you can't see King Darius' face very well, but it's priceless.

And finally, a red chair.  We bought our chairs a few years apart at the same store, as our table/family grew- they're all the same style, but two of each color (natural, black, red, blue.)  LOVE them!


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, yea!! I was tagged, too...and I need to get on that, but I wanted to do it closer to Chinese New Year. *grin*

Su said...

oooh, we have matching kitchenaid mixers :)

And I really like that red chair.

Sam said...

You are a really skilled photographer, missy. I've said it before and I'll say it again! :)

Very fun idea for a post.