Friday, February 19, 2010

Questions to Think About, Azaleas, and Waiting

I love these azaleas in our yard- they're always the first of their friends to bloom, and they smell like lilies if you get in nice and close.

You all have been so kind about me getting back into singing regularly, and I want to tell you:  I've tried.  I really have!  I auditioned two weeks ago for a church show- I have no idea how it went.  During my 3 minutes and 30 seconds of singing (I timed it at home) Ernie poked her head in twice to try and get me to come see her chalk drawing in the next room, Mimi played a nice little piece on the piano before I scooped her up into my arms, and I started my piece 4 whole tones higher than I'd practiced it at home.  Because that's where it was written, that's why!  Did you know that singing a song 4 steps higher than you practiced, while holding a 22 pound toddler, makes for difficult singing?  The ladies were nice and had big smiles afterwards "What's your background?  Were you a music major?"  No, I was a music minor...and I'm trying to sing more often than I have been for the past few years.  And the moral of this story?  Momma shouldn't go to auditions during Tax Season, when Daddy is busy!  It's been two weeks and I haven't heard anything- the show is March 20th.

I wrote to my old high school choir director- I ran into him at a high school vocal competition last year that I was accompanying at.  He invited me to join his adult jazz group, and I took a rain check until the kids could both go to bed without me.  I wrote a few days ago, and haven't heard from him either....

but I'll keep trying!  Have I sung "Amazing Grace" for you guys yet?  I should record that one- it's such a pretty piece.

My friend came to visit last night, and we sat for hours just chatting and doodling with thread.  OK, I chatted more than I doodled, but here's what I made.

I found another towel in my embroidery box too.

I think it was supposed to be an apple :)

I'm so excited at the response to yesterday's post!  We have 3, possibly 4, lovely people putting their thinking caps on about what they want to say so far.  It is, admittably, a GINORMOUS topic to cover, and a daunting task trying to distill your entire religion into one written piece.

I thought I'd make it easier- I'll list some questions you could send in answers for, or just use them as jumping off points for what you want to say.

  • Name of religion
  • Current religious leader 
  • Structure- do you attend a local congregation?  What is it called, and who leads it?  Who does that person "report" to? And that person? etc.  
  • Unique terms- what do you call your leaders, your congregation, your services, the components of your service?  Can you define them and describe them?
  • What are the main beliefs of your church?  (Please don't say "Unlike _____, we believe ____.)  Where do you think we were before Earth?  Where will we go after earth?  What are the things your religion encourages you to do?  What should we accomplish while on this earth, and why are we here?
  • What is the "authority" behind your religion?  Is it ancient?  Is it inspired?  Is it based on the teachings of one person, whose works you try and emulate?
  • Does your religion believe in change?  If your religion were to change its official stance on an issue, who would decide that and how would it be decided?
  • What written works do you believe to be scripture and true?
  • Who do you worship?  Do you worship any one deity? Or multiple?
  • If you'd like to talk about it, why do you attend this church?
Chime in in the comments if you have any others you'd like to see answered, or if you want to participate!



Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, Myrnie -

You are about the only blog I'm keeping up with these days. ugh. I can't seem to get going with anything. I'm stalled.

I love this post. What a great idea. I am looking forward to reading everyone's responses.

I was going to ask you about the audition. It's unfortunate that everything went kind of haywire for your audition. I've had audition experiences like that. Well, you have a lovely voice and I hope you can use it more often.

What's the weather like out your way? Spring-y yet?

I need electric shock therapy to get myself in gear again.

Ticia said...

hmmm..... I think I'd be up for a try at the quesitonnaire. We'll see. Of course I'd also just be curious as to what you think.

Sam said...

I'm very excited to hear you are pursuing your singing. I expect to hear good news on this topic very soon! :)

Su said...

Doodling with thread.... such a neat idea!

And thinking cap is on now. Good set of questions.