Monday, October 5, 2009

New 'Do

After a lot of hand-wringing and mirror-staring, I handed Aunt LoLo the scissors at our recent family reunion, while Aunt Bert stood by to offer advice.

Two weeks later, I took the scissors in my own hands and trimmed the bangs from bottom of the nose (couldn't bring myself to use enough "product" to keep them out of my face!), to what you see here.

 I'm still trying to decide if I can show my face in public.  It hasn't helped that when my piano students came back, each of those 13 sweethearts walked in the door and stared at my head.  Mouths agape.

Oh it was quick, and (sometimes) subtle...but it was there.

I was hoping for Zooey...but I'm afraid I got mullet.  As a girl who has NO idea what to do with hair, any hints?  Should I keep cutting?  Try a different way of wearing it?

Perhaps I should have saved my "something's got to change or I'm going to bust!" energy for something a little more like...oh, painting a wall?  :)

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Elizabeth G. said...

Oh, Myrnie -

I think the new do looks great. It looks really good with your profile, too. That's really important. Sometimes I've had cuts that look good in front but to the side It would look flat. Ugh. Yours looks good.

It's 12:34 a.m. right now and guess what I'm doing? I'm listening to Conference again on I was thinking, how amazing is that?!? I remember when I first joined the church in Virginia, we always had to wait until after Conference for the tapes to come so we could listen to them as a ward. Eventually, it was on TV and NOW...we can listen whenever we want!

We are blessed!
Have a great day tomorrow.

Aunt LoLo said...

Can I point something out? Do you see how FAR BACK Zoey's bangs start?

I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Teresa said...

I think it looks nice- change is fun. I say live with it for a while- then go on to the next step. =)

Su said...

I like it too.
I don't know anything about hair, but I like the bangs on you.

Sam said...

I think you look insouciantly sexy-fabulous. For what my opinion's worth. ;)

Alexandra said...

I think it looks cute.

If you want to blend it more, cut it at an angle as your down the side of your face. I've done this before and it turned out nicely. You hold the hair and then cut without completely closing the scissors and you slide down the edges. I bet Youtube has a tutorial for this.

Zoey's hair has a blend. If you look closely it's been thinned along the sides for a nice blend.

Mama Papaya said...

I like Alexandra's idea. I like the the bang look on you, but those of us with straight locs do struggle with blunt cuts. Go and find some of the high school yearbooks from my day and you will know I speak from experience.

Franzine Kafka said...

it looks cute. i don't understand the first thing about hair so i can't tell you the difference between your hair and zooeys if there is one.