Thursday, October 22, 2009

And the work continues...

We've had some late nights, but the work continues... it will feel so nice to have at least the main living part of the house painted! We feel so blessed to have our home, we're just tickled pink* at how the paint is turning out. We tell people that we'll have "grown up" colors later...but Wonder Daddy told me last night he hopes the day is a long way off that we don't want "young and vibrant" colors surrounding us.

In other news...the baby gate is down! (We mananged to screw the gate into the nails/screws holding the wall together...and Wonder Daddy would know, since he helped his dad build that wall last year!) The only option he could see was to saw the screws off *grin*

Ernie was concerned.

* Funny story about "tickled pink." A man came to church on Sunday to relay some area church news- new callings and assignment, etc. He didn't speak Spanish, so Presidente Martinez translated for him. During the men's class he got up to speak and started by saying "Brothers, I'm just tickled pink to be here!" All the english-speakers started giggling, waiting to see how el presidente would translate that one! Unfortunately, El Presidente chickened out, and said "Estoy muy emocionado..." (Which...I can't actually translate right now. I understand it to mean "I am very excited..." Yes?)
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Su said...

Isn't it nice to have most of the work finally done? I bet you can't wait to have ALL of your house back!

Anonymous said...

it was more of a grinding action to those buggers off! :)

--Wonder Daddy

Aunt LoLo said...

Love the action shots!