Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Life

Welcome to the weekly Beautiful Life festival, with Melissa from Inspired Home!

Hey look- I found a smile in my kitchen! At least he doesn't seem to mind the mess...

Just a few snapshots of our days.

A giant play-dough "Cookie."

Fresh loaf of bread and jar of apple butter
I've been trying to slow down and savor what we have, and have noticed a greater peace in our home, which we sorely needed! There are so many things I could get riled up about.

The frustration of going to church every week knowing I want so badly to talk, but I just can't seem to hold a conversation or answer a question (we attend a spanish-speaking church- I'm the organist.)

The humiliation of receiving my first ticket, EVER, this week. (Driving that same route for MONTHS, I've never seen the "no left turn between 3 and 7" sign.) And there was a group of police on the street to pull me, and every other driver making that turn, to the side of the road and unapologetically hand out $124 tickets. Ouch.

The chaos of arriving at a Halloween party to pick up my daughters, while receiving a call from my dad inside that same party: "Myrnie? How close are you? Mmhmm...OK. Ernie just had an accident." I found her blithely sitting on a child's chair in the tiled bathroom, surrounded by circles of wet rainboot footprints, just waiting for something to happen. (Did you know rainboots hold a lot of liquid?)

The confusion of teaching the second morning lesson of the day, while my oldest daughter spends most of the half hour on the floor or in her room raging because I won't let her eat all her candy at 8:30 in the morning.

I try to remember that these things are temporary. That children are our gifts, on loan from our Heavenly Father. That my daughters won't remember what we did every day, they'll remember if they felt loved or not. That they need me to help learn how to grow.

These are our days, and they'll pass much too quickly.
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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love that smile! :-)

Oh too bad about the ticket. I haven't had one in probably 15 years (thank goodness)...the last time I was pulled over the nice police officer gave me a warning for going over limit in a school zone. Oops! Forgot to slow down at that time of day. That one would have set me back hundreds so I am glad the officer took pity on me! Grace. I like that.

Patti said...

some days are just dreary, but others are so SUNNY and HAPPY...happens to the best of us :-) Stop over to Pandora's Box for a giveaway

Teresa said...

Yes, they do pass quickly-
Wish I lived down the street- that bread looks yummy!
Have a great day!

Aunt LoLo said...

And sometimes not quickly enough. Sounds like you had a great week! LOL

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooh I hate tickets... haven't had one in years... now I"m going to knock on some wood.

Alexandra said...

What a time you've had! It's all in a day, isn't it. ((Big hug for the mama)).

Jean Stockdale said...

What a day!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I stumbled on the little table at an antique store when I was returning to buy something else. But I saw it and got it instead!! I have enjoyed it.

Stop by again for a visit some time. Blessings.

Anna said...

Make sure you do the mitigation thing with the ticket. They always lower them if you talk to the judge. Also, you might be able to ask for community service in leu of a fine.

Sam said...

Love that smile! We all need to slow down and notice the little things in life. :)

Su said...

Woah, Myrnie! What a week!

I've never been ticketed, but I've been in the car when hubbie was ticketed for sliding past a red light (it was icy and deserted, 6am). Sigh. No pity from the cops.

Here'a hoping next week will be better!

Mama Papaya said...

They will pass all too quickly, but every once in awhile there is a day that can never pass quickly enough. Here's to tomorrow!