Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Life: A Coat of Paint

Welcome to our friends from Melissa's Beautiful Life festival!

After being in this house a little over a year, it feels like we're making real progress on our list of painting "wants"! The previous owners had a real love for muted, dusty earth tones. The whole house matched....but felt too "drab" and dark for our family. We have young kids, and at least 30 windows- we want light! Color! (to go with our "Action!" I just had to say that *grin*)

We started with pesto green walls in the living room, followed by butter yellow in the dining room and entry.

Last weekend we finished painting the window trim a nice shiny white, a welcome change from the light beige before.

This paint was done last year- my husbands WONDERFUL parents pitched in to help Wonder Daddy finish up the paint before Mimi moved into her nursery. If you could have seen it before...this room had a dingy ceiling and burnt orange walls. Absolutely depressing!

Here you can see the yellow in the dining room...and the white we're putting on the ceiling this week! Good grief, I didn't realize how NOT white our ceilings were! This is probably the original paint, and our house was built in 1977! We've had to hire a friend to come in and help paint the ceilings- they're so high, we didn't have a ladder that would reach!

When he climbed up to the top of his 2o foot a-frame ladder today, and non-chalantly stood up there painting the ceiling while chatting with me about my family... I knew there was a reason we hire people to do things we just can't! (I'm so afraid of heights, it's ridiculous. Four foot ladders have me clutching at anything I can reach to steady myself.)

We have a few more yellow walls to paint, one lilac, and blue, and white....oh, I can't wait to show you all of our after pictures!!  We're going to be a crayola-colored house- there will be plenty of years to have "grown up" colors and "grown up" furniture, but for now we'll revel in our children's little world.
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Aunt LoLo said...


That reminds me - how did your photo shoot go???? My bluetooth died, and I lost the will to call anyone. ;-) If I can't multitask, I can't live, dahling.

Alexandra said...

That white trim looks great! We need to paint ours as well. I am not a paint person though - really not my favorite thing, but the results are always wonderful.

Kali Leenstra said...

When I came by for the joyschool meeting I LOVED the added color to the walls, it looked great.

Franzine Kafka said...

nice. i always want to paint but i can never bring myself to do it.

Sarah said...

Love that color combo!