Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Panda Family!

I love when projects come together just how I pictured them.

I won a bloggy giveaway over at Craftevolution from the uber-talented Simone- she sent me a sweet little cache of wooden eggs, with a note asking me what I'd do with them. Well, honestly they sat in my to-do bowl in the kitchen a good long time before I had the guts to even think about using them. There's something about USING UP a craft supply that just scares me. I plan progressively smaller projects as the supply dwindles, to make sure there's always a little bit left. (Yes, I was the child who left 2 Tablespoons of juice in the fridge. I didn't drink it all!)

So, when I could put my new craft-blog-crush The Toymaker and my new wooden eggs together, I'm all over it!

I love how the Toymakers things are so versatile. There's something wonderful about open-ended, well thought-out, toys.

Right now, this small family (and their cottage) is sitting on the mantle but I think it will make a wonderful diversionary toy for Ernie when I need a few moments. There's something so magical about playing with a "Special Toy," especially when it's kept on a shelf!


Aunt LoLo said...

I couldn't wait for FeedBurner to send this through.

What a beautiful, beautiful toy!!! How sturdy is that little house? Are the panda's "mod podged" on? Does Ernie just LOVE it??!

Su said...

Was it you who drew the panda family? They are so cute!

farawayme said...

How adorable is that little Panda??!

I just found your blog, I added you to my blogroll I hope that is ok?

Simone said...

That is so cute. What a great idea to put the images on the eggs. I love the toymaker. She has the most beautiful stuff. Eggs, ahem, I still have a gizillion of them if anyone is interested.