Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Life: A Place to Learn

Welcome to our friends from Melissa's "Beautiful Life" linky fest- so glad you could stop by! Come and add your voice!
I want our home to be a haven from "the world." A place free of judgment, lousy media messages, and contention. Most everything we do in our decorating right now has kids in mind, right down to the paint color (we have a running theme of pale sunny yellow, basil green, summer sky blue, and bright white trim- we look like a Crayola explosion!) With all the extra art projects we've been doing, I decided to make a way to display her work (and mine) and came up with this set up in the dining room.

It's simple, just some nails, string, and wooden clothes pins, but I think it's important to show Ernie that we find her work valuable.

What about you? What do you do with the kids' artwork?


One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Cute! A friend of mine used the wall putty (we call it sticky stuff) and put her kids art all along the bottom half of the wall in the hallway.... just the right height for her kids to see.

Casey said...

How fun! I just bought a magnet board from Ikea and placed it in our dining room. Now the kids have a place for the artwork and I no longer find random globs of tape on the walls!

Mom said...

If you'll remember, my house looked like a pre-school when you were little. I love kid artwork and projects. Love, Mom

Aunt LoLo said...

YOU GOT A COMMENT FROM MOM??! I'm officially jealous.

I take BBJ's artwork, douse it in water, smash it, tie it up with a string and hang it from the chandeliers. ;-)

Gina said...

That's a great idea-and there's nothing wrong with a colorful house. Our kids love to decorate, and display their masterpieces. I might have to try this in the kitchen!

Elizabeth G. said...

Cute, cute. I use a bulletin board and then I put them notebooks with sheet protectors. The ones to big for that go into a portfolio...

I'm still loving my reading glasses' pretty beaded holder.

I hope you are well!

Miss Sandy said...

Thank you for visiting and enjoying a little time in the garden with me.

I adore your idea of making your children feel valued and important. I think displaying their art work inspires them to be more creative.

I have framed work by my son, daughter, and now tiny grandson proudly displayed in my home. You have given me an idea for a blog post! Thanks for the inspiration!

Teresa said...

Love that idea- I wish I had thought of that when my children were little-
I'm sure your children feel very special.
Happy day.

Anonymous said...

well, I face this now, My almost 2 year old son creates both at creche and with me and I am making piles when I really want to display them all. I think I will copy your idea!