Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Was Your Day?

Every get the notion in your head that life is too blog about life? Yeah, that's where we are. It seems like most of my posts these days are part of a "Beautiful Life" linky fest (which I adore doing, BTW, you should totally join the next one) or a "woo hoo!" when I manage to make something.

So. Hi, I'm Myrnie. Here's my day.

6:23- Ernie starts knocking on my door, and I hear the baby start to fuss. "Mom! Baby's awake!" (Sure she is, kid- you just barged into her room, turned on all the lights, shook the crib, and ran out like the East Wind.)

7:30- We've breakfasted and dressed, and Mimi is going down for her first nap/that last hour of sleep she missed. Ernie and I get the bread started. The nap lasts about 10 minutes. I head down the freezer to see if I have any meat. Eww. Pot roast, lamb roast, and pork chops all packaged 10/30/07. Seems like I went on a meat buying spree at the Albertson's sale, and forgot: I'm too lazy to cook meat. Found fresh ground beef though- score!

8:30- Another try on that nap. It takes! Ernie gets to call Nana on the phone, and we talk to her until 9:30. Nana has a Strong Constitution. Ernie wants to know where the button is, so Nana can see her doll?

9:45- Punch the bread down. Baby is awake- everyone in the car for grocery shopping!

10:15- We're at Costco. 25 pounds of flour, 25 pounds of pinto beans, yeast, hydrogen peroxide, asparagus, broccoli (California produce is at least better than Mexico, right??), flour tortillas, 4 gallons of skim milk, and some unsalted butter.

11:00- Heading out of Costco, worriedly running numbers in my head. How much time do I have before we hit the pre-nap hysteria stage? Can I make it through Fred Meyer? I decide to go for it. Ernie has "smiley face" stamps on both her hands from the friendly "receipt checker" and she's flipping her hands around and around as we sing "If You Chance to Meet a Frown." Odd looks from passers-by remind me that there are people my age without kids, that just...don't get it. When did singing Primary songs in the parking lot become my new normal?

11:30- We're home from Fred Meyer. Ernie has decided she wants to save up her weekly allowance, rather than buying a piece of candy today, and purchase a Train Painting Book. This book is $2.99, and she has $1.11. For the rest of the day, she will shake her coin purse in my face and say "Let's save up my money Mom, and go buy Train Paint Book!" You DO know, my child, that "saving up" takes time? I can not magically increase your supply of coins? (The suggestion that she might be able to EARN extra money sends her into transports of delight...but I can't think of a single chore the child could do. Perhaps scrubbing sinks with baking soda?)

11:35- Ernie is in her room for her first time out today. "What do you want for lunch?" "Give me lotsa lotsa choices." "Umm...OK. I could make you toast, chicken nuggets, or noodles." She preferred to roll around on the floor asking for choices, so I chose chicken nuggets and carried my now sobbing child to her room.

11:37- Ernie emerges. "MOM! You forgot to give me CHOICES!!!!" I carry her back in, until she can think of something nice to say. She collapses on the floor "I don't liiiiiike chiiiiiiickennnn!"

11:40- Ernie comes out to eat lunch. "Thanks for chicken, Mom! I love chicken!" (I know you do, kid. We go through a Costco bag a month sometimes!) "You forgot my MILK!"

11:50- I nurse Mimi, and tell Ernie she can read in her bed until I come to turn out the light. Magically, this is a Good Idea.

12:00- Put baby to sleep, sing a song for Ernie, promise to come back in 5 minutes and turn out the light.

12:03- Punch down bread, shape into loaves. Turn on oven to preheat.

12:05- Shake Ernie's hand, and turn off lights.

12:06- Brown the ground beef, and throw last night's pinto beans in, along with salsa, onions, chili powder, leftover spaghetti sauce, and kidney beans. There- chili! Puree butter with olive oil to make spreadable butter, puree steamed pears to freeze for baby food and put in the freezer. Make a half-hearted attempt at cleaning some dishes- if I fill the sink full, with enough bubbles, you can't see them soaking!

12:40- Sit down with a book.

1:00- First piano lesson. (Ernie and Mimi will wake up during this lesson.)

1:30- Turn on movie for Ernie, gather up 15 hangers from the closet, and start ironing. Get 2 napkins and a pair of pants done before I decide Mimi needs supervision/intervention before Ernie takes away EVERY toy in the playroom and piles them on the couch ("No! That's MY toy!") Baby and I go up stairs, where she does laps in the hall, followed by trying to eat my jump rope.

3:00- Second lesson comes. She forgot the music she's been practicing for our recital, and I can't find a copy of Bach's Minuet in G anywhere. Nor Handel's Sarabande. She seems to have memorized them, though. Kind of.

4:00- Third lesson comes.

4:30- Start rice for dinner, and put broccoli in a Ziploc with some salt, pepper, and olive oil to be roasted (after delivery to a friend.) Children start to run circles around my feet. Oh gracious- Ernie is nursing her baby doll again. Never fear, it's not graphic. Apparently, her child suckles at the belly button. What would YOU say to her? I've chosen the "nothing" path.

5:00- Wonder Daddy is home, and starts studying. Ernie and I sit at the table with strips of construction paper, a pencil, and a few of her books: she loves to look for words and copy them down. Today is M day, so she chooses "pumpkins" as her first word, followed by Mr. She gives up when she comes to Comstock (as in Mr. Comstock.) Mimi is under the table. Oh no- I think she's eating leftovers.

5:15- Rice cooker "pops." I scoop it all into a Pyrex, cover it with chili and a little cheese, and bundle Wonder Daddy out the door with a meal of rice, chili, fresh bread, and ready-to-roast broccoli. He'll deliver it to a friend who needed a meal tonight.

5:30- I start roasting our own broccoli, and setting the table.

5:45- Wonder Daddy is home, we eat dinner. Mimi loves chili. And rice. And pureed pears. Ernie is in another time out "I don't like chili! I don't like beans! I don't like broccoli! You forgot my sauce! Where's my milk!" I don't mind if you don't like it, but please don't shout it at me. You can always have bread and butter for dinner, no questions asked.

6:15- Baby is in the bath. Mmm, chili-covered child. Ernie is NOT in the bath- she pushed the baby over last night, she's lost co-bath privileges for a while.

6:30- Ernie is in the bath, Mimi is crawling around naked in her crib absolutely beside herself with joy at her...freedom. Mama needs more arms and more strength- diapers are becoming a challenge to change.

6:45- I am nursing the baby. Ernie is laying a sopping wet bath terry bath duck, lovingly wrapped in sopping wet bath washcloths, on my chair. It's her baby- she's sleeping. Oh, and Ernie is wearing nothing but a towel. Because Bolt (or Nathan, or Cat) is asleep in her bed.

7:15- Mimi is in bed, Ernie is dressed. We read scripture stories, brush teeth, and read story books until 7:50.

8:15- We've sung a song to Ernie, put balls in her jar, and she has "read" to herself for a while.

8:20- Mommy sinks into her chair with a truffle, popsicle, and a book of fairy tales. The dishes are still soaking.

How was your day?


pucktricks said...

It's about like yours.... Starting with the darn the kids are awake, I really should get up and ending with the kids in bed, and my thinkning I should have more energy.

Casey said...

That was really cute. Isn't it fun to record days like these so we'll have something to look back on and help us remember. My days are very similar. Each moment bleeds into the next until the whole day feels like a blur of cooking, cleaning, slobber, toys and temper tantrums. I like to do a journal type post like this about once a month to kind vent about it. ;) I enjoy it but it doesn't mean it isn't hard!

Aunt LoLo said...

I'm thinking this really ought to merit its own carnival!! LOL

My day isn't quite as...interesting as yours, I'll admit. I never need to shake BBJ's hand...

At the very least, I'll do a post about this! LOL

Debbie said...

Good heavens. I need a nap just reading this post. My day - not so tiring.

Su said...

Wow.... when you put it like that, there's a lot going on, isn't there?
My day is a little like yours. No piano lessons and lots of driving around.

Alexandra said...

Oh, is that all?! deserve that truffle. ;) The baby is a beauty.