Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

The kids were all up before 7:00 again- bless her heart, Ernie always gets Cocoa out of bed these days.  I am a lucky mom.

My 7:30 piano lesson canceled so I taught 8:00-9:00 and we all bundled into the car to head to the YMCA.  Second time I zumba'ed this week, a definite record!  Mimi and Cocoa played upstairs and Ernie came to class with me- she suited up today and danced next to me.  Good girl :)

Shall we keep me honest?  After adding dairy and gluten back to my diet (and eating pie November-December) my stomach is not as flat as it was last summer and I put on a few pounds.  Let's see if I can make that go away, yeah?  I managed to keep gaining weight this month even subbing green smoothies for one- two meals a day.  I was sure I was pregnant, but I am NOT pregnant: I am just fat.  Well, actually it is complicated because I am heavier than I used to be, but also smaller in a lot of measurements.  I am either gaining muscle or am a human black hole: the more mass I have, the smaller I get.  

After Zumba we fetched Mimi and I let the girls swim for an hour.  

We went grocery shopping and dropped off dinner for a new mom in our ward and came home for lunch.  We had brown rice leftover from last night's dinner so I warmed it up and made onigiri for the kids.  Little cheeses became ninjas- Cocoa was thrilled!  I cut the eyes out of a sheet of seaweed.

I cleaned the kitchen and got a pot of soup started, E practiced piano and started school, and the kids played.  

This afternoon was our pre-music class, and the other students didn't make it.  I held the class with just my two girls anyway- E looks forward to the games and M needed the practice anyway!  Today we focused on reading the treble staff- I made a staff with tape on the floor and the girls marched up and down chanting the line names forwards and backward.  Then we threw beanbags onto the staff and called out what they landed on, tried to get the bean bags close to a letter I called out, and then practiced moving the beanbags by intervals up and down the staff.  We've been working on interval ear training all year, I showed them how if you know 1-3-5-8 you can find any other pitch from there.  We sang a song about a guy named Joe who works in a button factory to help develop a steady beat, and watched a version of Let It Go on YouTube dubbed in 25 languages.  I played it on the piano so they could sing it too, and Mimi was so cute: she had all the actions memorized and stamped her foot, threw her arms out, tossed her head... Hysterical!

After lessons I made dinner and we finished watching Whisper of the Heart- we are working through all our Studio Ghibli films in order.

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