Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

Stories before nap time 

Busy day- the kids were up before7:00 so we had time to get Ernie's piano lesson done first today at 7:30.  I taught two more lessons after that, the kids split a bowl of oatmeal from the freezer, and we all went up to the YMCA.  I haven't gone for anything but taking the kids swimming since before Christmas, I think.  

Came home and the kids played outside and Ernie practiced piano while I took a shower and got lunch ready.  Ernie sliced cucumbers and mushrooms and I sliced cheese and ham and set out crackers.  After lunch Ernie started math, the kids played, and I cleaned the kitchen.  I put Cocoa down for a nap when he got tired and helped Ernie get started on a science project (drawing an imaginary weather forecast for our area, using the vocab words and brainstormed possible weather patterns during that time of year and in a logical order.). She had fun with that project, it turned out nice.  

She kept working in school in the afternoon an Mimi played on the computer after cleaning up a bit, and I taught four more piano lessons.  

Cocoa woke up during lessons and kept Mimi company, watching her play, and after lessons I started dinner.  Everyone loves my Greek chicken-lemon-rice soup and I have screwed it up twice in the past two weeks!  The first time I added so much rice it was more like rice pudding, although Mimi loved it that way.  The second time I used fresh lemons and I think they were extra juicy- it was so tart we threw away the whole batch and ate crackers for dinner.  It turned out like normal tonight, and everyone enjoyed it.  I crumbled a few crackers into Mimi's before dinner so it could thicken up like porridge and she happily ate her whole bowl.  I served a a salad on the side, and crackers.

We cleared the table and had FHE- Mimi gave a talk in primary yesterday so she gave that for our lesson tonight.  Ernie shared her king-size candy bar for dessert- she earned it last week by passing off her tenth piano song since September :). Only two other kids have earned their bars, I am proud of her!

The kids got ready for bed, we read scriptures and had prayers, and J measured some walls for trim and ran out to Lowes before they close.  I made a batch of sourdough to sit overnight, and cleaned the kitchen and put Cocoa to bed.

That's the day!  All happy and healthy here.  I am hoping to find the energy to paint tomorrow, the kids' bathroom will be don soon after I do that :). After I paint, J will install the new light and we will put up a mirror and it will be done.  I meant to paint tonight, but opted for a clean kitchen instead- can only do one thing, ha.

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