Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 30, 2014

Confession: I went to bed late last night because sometimes wandering Pinterest is easier than turning off the lights and trying to make my head be quiet.  So, when Cocoa woke up at 6:30 this morning my head hurt so bad I couldn't hardly read the clock.  

I had my morning smoothie (today was an apple, a scoop each of oats and Greek yogurt, some brown sugar and spices, and a handful of ice.)  We all got dressed, I took a lot of Tylenol and rubbed my head in menthol/peppermint/lavender oil blend and we packed into the car to deliver Daddy's headphones and a lunch to his office- Cocoa grabbed the headphones and hid them this morning, I found them after J left.

Since we were out we ran errands- treats at the Asian Market, house supplies at Target, and some new gym shoes for E at Payless.  I looked for new Zumba shoes for me, but couldn't find any.  

Lucky envelopes for the lunar new year tomorrow

I kept the kids moving along with small snacks from our grocery bags- eventually the bread and mini donuts caught up with us and I had to carry Cocoa out of the home goods store under one arm when he tried to build a pillow fort.  (Not really- he was trying to put fallen pillows back on the shelf and every pillow he pushed in popped another one onto the floor a few feet away.)

Saw these chairs on our way out the door- they might come home with us later

He fell asleep on the way home, and we spent a quiet afternoon.  I cleaned out our furnace filters and I wonder if there was some sort of application test I was supposed to take before moving into a house, I am pretty sure I would fail it.  Those filters were FILTHY, I am lucky if I remember to clean them once or twice a year, let alone monthly.

I am working on a sonatina this month, and will perform it at a festival in two weeks.  I like to record myself periodically to get a better idea of what I look and sound like- there are always surprises.   Of course, it is always amusing to see what the kids do when they can't have my attention for roughly 2 1/2 minutes.  They make cameo appearances.  (Link below.). You can tell when they show up and start tapping my arm/using me as a face wipe around the 1:45 mark because I completely lose my fingering.  Ah well.  Ernie is videoing me.

After J got home I ran out the door to my piano lesson- it was nitty gritty as always.  This week it is my pinky: it does not have the right curve to it.  We worked on arpeggios (don't twist, never twist) and phrasing.  I showed my lack of prowess in scales, although I am impressed I can play them at all- I think it took three weeks of hands separate before I could put them together.  Once you figure out that the four finger only plays one note per octave, it is much easier to see where to break the fingering.  Oh, and my staccato notes, my wrist needs to dip instead of float, although she told me the opposite two weeks ago because then I was much too heavy.  We keep moving forward, I am happy with my progress and so grateful t have this time to learn right now.  I can't imagine I will be able to keep it going after the summer, something will come along and demand precendence, but I will learn as quickly as I can while I can.

I picked everyone up after my lessons and we went out shopping to look at the chairs is aw earlier- they were rottenly uncomfortable but we did find pillows for the front room (teal silk), a sturdy basket for my boomwhacker instruments, and a mirror for the kids' bathroom.  I cleaned the kitchen, and chickened out on painting tonight.  I had a smoothie for dinner at 9:30, walked my festival application out to the mailbox, and sat on the couch for an hour.  

J's office, lit up blue and green this time: Seahawks colors!  This town is pretty excited for our Super Bowl game on Sunday.  It is funny though- J has decided that watching sports on Sundays isn't the right answer for him- Sundays are for worship and family time.  He has been getting questions at work "So, what are you doing for the Super Bowl on Sunday?"  Oh, he replies, "I'll record it and watch it Monday."  "......No, what are you doing for the Super Bowl on Sunday?"  

Found this warning on a new package of straws I brought home tonight.  Ha- better keep these away from the kids!  It says "This is not a toy.  Not intended for children under 13 years of age."

Cocoa and Mimi shared a chair during scriptures- sweet, strange, boy grabbed her hand and just held tight.  He and Mimi are getting to be quite the pair right now.

Funny story- while I was gone tonight at my piano lesson, Cocoa snuck the bag of donuts out of the kitchen and sat in the back room eating every last one...except one.  J got that one.  The girls were so disappointed that when I saw a bag at the store tonight, I bought it.  Guess what Cocoa found while I was tucking the girls in bed?  Yum.  Little turkey.  He is getting self sufficient and much harder to keep track of!

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