Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The choir performed Sunday, we went early (8:30!) to rehearse before services started at 9:00.  I played organ this week as well as accompanied the choir- I am getting to know the instruments there quite well!

Mimi gave a talk in primary so I helped her with that- I finished postlude right before her turn to speak, it was close!

We went to my grandpa's for dinner- my great aunt is here visiting all the way from Alabama!  We brought a salad, my sister's family brought bread and cake, and she made a big batch of chicken spaghetti and grandpa threw an extra loaf of garlic bread in the oven.  All very yummy and I even tricked folks into taking some selfies with me in very bad lighting :)

Grandpa and Cocoa

Me and Grandpa

Me and my little sister 

Me and my great-aunt.  The girls are all in love with her- Mimi says she talks like a princess :). I was twelve years old before I figured out her name was Bonnie and not Bunny.  :). My grandma was the only one in her family to leave the south- one other sister lived in California for a few decades but has since gone back home to Alabama.

Mimi was ABSOLUTELY ECSTATICALLY THRILLED that Daddy's office was lit up with the pink lights this week.

Cocoa got extra stories before bedtime

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