Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shop Update


We put a pretty little group of necklaces into the shop this week!  Boy was I glad to see some sunshine, so I could get some nice pictures.

two gold eggs

I think this would make the sweetest gift for a bride just starting her own nest, don't you?

three red eggs

This was my first time using the red jade beads, I think I like it!

three gold eggs

Three golden eggs.  I'm glad I tried mixing the gold and silver together- this goes with nearly every outfit!

five turquoise eggs

I still love these howlite beads- they're dyed a beautiful turquoise color, with tan striations.  They remind me so much of little robins eggs.

pink and green eggs

Pink and green.  This is a repeat of the colors my sister chose for her necklace.  Her husband's family is from China, and tradition there is that a family with a boy and a girl is perfect and complete.  Like yin and yang, but they refer to them as the dragon and the phoenix.  She chose these to be her dragon and phoenix colors!  

three gold eggs

Again with the three gold eggs.  These beads are big, and light- they're wooden, and painted.  (Update: This necklace is gone!)

new necklaces

I love the necklace chains- a shiny "ball chain."  I love the visual weight they have, and I love their sturdiness.  Wonder Boy likes to grab for my necklace, and I'm not really that worried about him breaking it!  If the necklace is made with stone beads, the whole thing is pretty indestructible.

I chose a 17" length for the chains- it's my absolute favorite chain length, and kind of hard to find.  It hits that sweet spot, where the pendant hits just below the collar bone.  It's such a flattering length.

checking out the new wares

(How do you like my shop assistant?)


Aunt LoLo said...

Your shop makes me so happy! Who bought the gold necklace??

Bobbi Lewin said...

Beautiful necklaces! You are right about them being a perfect bride's gift. Your shop assistant is too precious!

Lori said...

I love these, so different! And your office assistant is precious :)

Su said...

How pretty! Love your assistant :)