Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post with Ernie, the Wonder Girl

Please welcome Ernie, who is practicing her letter writing and story-telling skills today!  She has chosen a picture from our last family vacation, and she is going to tell you about it.  I'll be transcribing.  And not editing.


We had lots of fun at Chelan!  Grandma and Grandpa rented the houses.  It was lots of fun there!  This is a picture of me, my cousin Ming Wai, my cousin Siu Jeun, and my sister Mimi.  Daddy's that big one in the picture.  He's spinning us around on the merry-go-round.  That's our favorite toy on the park beach!  It's so much fun.

I love going to Chelan.  I shared a room with Ming Wai!  My sister shared a room with Siu Jeun.  The room that Ming Wai and I slept in was a princess room!  It was a princess room because there was a princess bed, princess night stands, we each had our own lamp, we both shared a dresser, and we both got to share a bed. We each got to have our own pillow.  Sometimes in the night, Ming Wai would pull the blankets away from me.

On the day we were going to leave, we had so much fun, because we went to the beach before we left.  We lived in the house we lived in last time we went.  Grandma and Grandpa didn't get to sleep in it, because there wasn't enough rooms for them to sleep in it!  They slept in a different house, which is blue.  There's a driveway that goes up, it's kind of like a slide- you go up it, and when you're leaving you go down!  It was lots of fun.

I really love going to Chelan.  Daddy took me and Mimi to a pool.  We first went to the inside pool, but it said "No flotation devices allowed."  So, we had to go to the outside pool.  The sign there said "Flotation devices allowed."  We had lots of fun, even though Daddy didn't even know he was going to have a shower at the first pool that we went to (the inside pool,) he just took a shower at the house!

There were sprinklers at the house- Ming Wai has ladybug sprinklers, and Siu Jeun broke them by stepping on the ladybug sprinklers.  There were still some sprinklers left.

Thanks for having us go on a vacation, Grandma and Grandpa.  It was SO much fun!



Aunt LoLo said...


One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Great story E! So proud of you. Maybe next time Mommy will scan your written story so we can enjoy your handwriting too. :-) I love you!!

Elizabeth said...

Ernie - I loved reading about your visit to Chelan. I have no idea where that is, but I would love to go there and sleep in a princess room, too. I am glad you were able to play with your cousins.

You are very good at storytelling. Have a wonderful day!

Alexandra said...

This is awesome! What great memories she is building of her family.

Mama Papaya said...

Oh, I love this. What sweetness.