Monday, September 26, 2011

The Jar and Q-Tip Trick


Mimi is finally getting bored with watching her sister do school every morning- I wondered when she would! I'm slowly filling a "school box" for her to play with while I'm teaching or her sister is busy. We have some fabulous flash cards and puzzles, from her grandparents, that she loves, and some art books and supplies.

This is an activity I just added this morning- it's super simple, but she enjoyed it! The only reason she stopped was that I called her for lunch- she requested a second jar, and dumped and filled them both a few times, haha.

This is just a spice jar, but something with smaller holes might be fun too, like a shaker jar or water bottle with a straw.


Aunt LoLo said...

Brilliant. I've started a bin...I have 8 matching nuts and bolts, four big and four small. I also have a little spice jar full of Q-Tips. And a bucket full of rice. We're a work in progress over here. MW gets soooooooooooo bored during naptime on piano lesson days. I don't want her to turn on the, it's kind of touch and go around here. It actually got to the point where I called a preschool today. LG and I will talk it over tonight. *sigh* (At any rate, I think SJ will be enrolled next year! Dude needs some large group structure somethin' fierce.)

Bobbi Lewin said...

This nostalgic for the shelf of made up games I had for my babies oh so long ago. I miss those days:)

What I Did Today said...

I need to get a hold of you and your sister and just write down everything! You both seem to have it all figured out and I might as well steal your ideas and save myself the trouble! :P I have been looking forward to homeschooling my kids my whole life and now I'm here and don't even know where to begin (despite my years of training).