Thursday, September 22, 2011

Broadcast Bloggers Deal of the Day

Just a quick note- I'm part of a group of bloggers, Broadcast Bloggers.  Basically, bloggers for hire.  I'm pretty selective about what I advertise, so most of what's come through I never bothered to tell you guys about.  But, there's been some good stuff lately!  So, when I see things I think you guys might like, I'll put up a link.  Most deals last just a day or two, and I make about a dollar per sale.  So really, just putting this stuff up so you guys can get a great deal on things you might want :)

  • You can order Family Fun magazine, $5.99 for one year!  The cover price is $29.90.  Follow this link, and deal ends 9/22/11 at 11:59 MST. 
    • What does family fun mean to you? Crafts? Recipes? Party ideas? Travel tips? FamilyFun magazine dishes up these and more boredom-defying activities in over 180 splashy, colorful pages. Geared toward parents with young children, this energetic magazine promises to enrich the lives of families. Offering a "we've been there, we know" sort of comfort to parents, folksy first-person articles let parents know they're not alone. 

PS- If you want to be part of Broadcast Bloggers, let me know.  


Elizabeth said...

Wow, thanks for letting us know. That is a really good deal!!

What I Did Today said...

I'm interested in Broadcast Bloggers. :)