Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mimi Turns Three

Someone turned three.  The stinkhead.

9_21_2011 008

Please, don't ask her to "smile big."  She's an over achiever.

smile big for the camera!

9_21_2011 023

We partied at our family reunion (under CFL lights, isn't it great?)


There was pink strawberry cake with pink cream cheese frosting.  There was Tinkerbell undies (she's been dry nearly a week!!  Hooray!) and there was tiny Rapunzel dolls.  We also grew to love Walmart, home of the last minute "perfect present for a three-year-old."

We partied again at home, so none of us had to schlep packages across the state.  Believe me, SHE didn't mind stretching out the party!

New dolls from Nana

She loves all things pink and fancy.  She loves to dance and hop.  She copies EVERYTHING Ernie does.  Like, she follows along behind her mimicking.  She loves watching Tangled, Pucca, Caillou, and Madeline movies.  She loves skirts and hair clips and pony tails.  She normally has a special stuffed animal or doll within reach, and the toy changes by the week.  She says "po-lo" instead of "pillow."  She leaves all her shoes in the yard, and plays barefoot- once a week or so I go around collecting them all.  She is a content child, she can happily play with a string for an hour!  She loves to suck her thumb, and lay on the floor next to Wonder Boy, holding his hand.  She's stayed dry and clean this past week only because she runs to the potty as often as every 10 minutes, hoping to earn a marshmallow for herself and Ernie.  We're going through a bag of marshmallows a week, and she's turning up her nose at MOST meals I serve.  Heh.  She loves oatmeal, peanut butter, bread and jam, and pizza.  She won't eat meat.  (Except chicken nuggets.  She doesn't know they're meat.)  She loves milk-  milk, almond, soy, chocolate, doesn't matter.  She loves them all.  She loves bananas and strawberries.  She loves Cheerios and popcorn.  She can be the sweetest thing you ever saw.  She has the best frowny face in the WORLD.  (Those lips.  They're incredible.)  She knows most of her colors, and can count to at least 10 reliably.  She sings the alphabet, in a crazy, jumbled up way.  I didn't teach her any of that.

9_21_2011 027


Aunt LoLo said...

I LOVE the "big smile." Did she get a birthday haircut??

Elizabeth said...

It was really wonderful to read about your three year old. She sounds very much the way my Sarah was at that age. She loved girlie things and was always dressed as a Princess 24/7. I know you are enjoying this sweetheart and must feel a little misty-eyed about how big she is getting.


Alexandra said...

Happy (belated) birthday to the big girl. :)