Monday, January 31, 2011

Bead and Ribbon Necklace

My kids took MONSTER naps the other day- we recently moved the tiny into her big sister's room, and nap times have been iffy at best.  Since I mostly resemble a large beach ball, but not so quick, these days, I needed something I could do sitting down...quietly...something productive....hey, have I ever sat down and made a piece of jewelry for myself??  Turns out the answer was no.  (I have a piece I helped my girls make for me...and a necklace that was deemed too frightful to give away as a gift...but I didn't think those counted!)

bead and ribbon necklace

Martha came to the rescue with a simple tutorial...which I read, and promptly ignored most of the instructions, to make use of what I had on hand (satin ribbon, fishing line, lots of beads, and some crimps.)  I love it- it feels "grown up," which is funny because I normally work in REALLY BRIGHT COLORS!  It's still bright colors, but these are almost subdued, right?

bead and ribbon necklace

The large gold beads are painted wood, the small rounds are stone (possibly jasper?), and there are a few celadon green pearls thrown in the mix too.  The ribbon was left over from my wedding reception.  If you ever need large quantities of ribbon, check out, seriously.  100 yards of 7/8 inch satin ribbon is less than $5.  I get lost in that store every time I click over!  Boxes, bags, raffia, ribbon, custodial supplies, spools of tulle in tons of's endlessly fascinating to me.


Aunt LoLo said...

Love it!!

Casey said...

I think it's lovely!

Su said...

It's very pretty.

Hey, Myrnie..... wear that after you deliver. You know, when your family is taking pictures of you and baby? See the kind of reaction you'll get *giggle*

What I Did Today said...

It looks awesome. You deserve something nice. Tell your kids to send those Monster Nap vibes this way. We could use 'em.

Bobbi Lewin said...

Oooooo! Pretty!