Friday, January 7, 2011

Gray Day

It's another grey day around here. Drizzly rain finally drove away the last of the ice on our street, but we're expecting more snow tonight (did I tell you it snowed last week? It snowed. It was really, really, really cold for a few days. I felt fabulous! My husband loves it when I'm pregnant, he gets all the blankets x2 at night, when I throw all my covers on top of his side of the bed. At least THIS pregnancy, I'm not sleeping in shorts with the window January...yeah, I did that to him. By the by, the area immediately to the right of the amazing carved stump is full of strawberry plants, that little stick in the lawn is our fig tree, and the bed on the far left is probably going to become home to a blueberry hedge (unless our neighbor on the right decides he's ready to put a blueberry hedge in with us, like he's been wanting to for years.) The area along the top of the wall on the right side will be bush squash and day lilies and nasturtium. The main garden beds are at the far end of the picture. The bones are there, just need the guts!

A few girls came over last night for a craft swap- we've all been crazily purging our houses, and I convinced them to purge their craft rooms with me. We all grabbed what we wanted to grab from each others' stash...and what's left is going to the thrift store! I love it.

36 weeks and counting. No, I won't give you a blow by blow account of my "progress" over the next few weeks. You're welcome :) (I wrote to an old high school classmate on Facebook the other day- I met his darling wife at our reunion, and knew she was due a few weeks before me. He wrote back with a DETAILED description of every contraction and dilation and set back she'd had for the last week. I said to myself "THERE is a first time father!" He's so excited :)

I cooked last night. I KNOW! Since I was starting with cooked and cubed chicken from the fridge (leftover from cooked and cubed chicken I thawed earlier for fried rice) this soup went from cupboard to table in about 12 minutes, and that included setting the table, serving, and pouring the milk. I'll do a real write up over on the Chow Review, but basically get a pan full of chicken broth nice and hot, add some corn, cubed and cooked chicken, and some salsa. Doctor it up with grated cheese, crushed tortilla chips, and sour cream at the table. It is AMAZING, I ate 3 bowls last night. Ernie ate two bites and said she was absolutely stuffed, and Mimi....grabbed the cheese bowl and chip bag and had herself a feast. As I said, I was enjoying my soup! Perhaps I should eat AFTER the kids, on the nights that Daddy isn't home? (I made a batch of yogurt yesterday too, and chocolate syrup today. Slowly I'm getting stocked up!)

There's still time to enter the CSN giveaway! I'll pick a winner tonight- good luck!
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Alexandra said...

Oh yeah, you look almost done. :) I can see that cute outline of the baby's backside. He's gearing up to come into the world. I'm so excited for you.

What a coincidence...we've been having similar meals these past few nights! I using up my freezer beans with it as well. Tomorrow we're rolling up the leftovers into tortillas. Yummy.

I can't wait to see your progress with your garden.

Aunt LoLo said...

I remember when you used to make that soup. Glad you're getting some things out of the way! (See? You're nesting! haha)

Teresa said...

It's been gray here too...but today we are frozen.... Your garden is coming along...can't wait to see it this spring.