Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vessel of Light

Taken January of 2010...before Baby Boy, before hair cut....but it IS a picture of me singing!

Every year our youth organization for the teenage girls, "Young Women," has an evening dedicated to welcoming girls who will be turning 12 during the coming year and graduating the primary program to move into the Young Women program.  (They'll stay in the Young Women's program until they graduate high school/turn 18, and then they move onto our women's organization, Relief Society.)  We call it New Beginnings.

This year, we chose the theme of the Ten Virgins: we need to fill our lamps with oil by doing good works, strengthening our testimonies, and living the gospel.  Our president found a fabulous song online, A Vessel of Light by Toni Thomas and Diane Tuiofu.  You can click on that link to download sheet music and see the lyrics- this piece won a Special Recognition Award in a 2007 Relief Society music contest.

ANYWAY, because we will have four youth groups combined that night, I offered to make a rehearsal CD for everyone to learn the song with, and recorded a vocals track for good measure.  My husband helped me make it on an evening when the kids were safe and asleep (and away from our NOISE) with their grandparents. Is this the first time I've been able to share a song that doesn't involve my point and shoot camera??  I believe so!  It's piano and vocals, on an actual microphone!  I'm singing STANDING UP!  It's always fun to record something on piano, then pretend I'm a rock star, singing along to the accompaniment in my head phones to record the vocal track.  Huge thanks to Wonder Daddy for helping record this and mix it down a bit.

It's a pretty song, I can't wait to hear the girls sing it for their parents and friends in a few weeks!  (Click on the link below, it should start playing the mp3 file in a new screen.)  


Aunt LoLo said...

Hehe...I love the picture!

And the recording came out really well!!

What I Did Today said...

Wow! That's such a pretty song. I just love the parable of the ten virgins. Great theme choice. Thanks for sharing!