Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Aunt LoLo and I have been scheming to have a pint-sized New Year's party to ring in the year of the rabbit with the kids- the party day finally arrived!  We celebrated a day early, and had so much fun.  Uncle LoLo's parents are in town, and Ma Ma (accent on the second syllable, and make it slightly higher than the first) helped us celebrate in style!

Aunt LoLo was doing some serious hot gluing when we arrived, to make cherry blossom branches.

making CNY decorations

We helped the kids make their OWN cherry blossom branches too!

making CNY pictures

We had our very own Lucky Dragon come to visit- Ernie wanted to know if he was a "parade?"  Umm...sure.  I guess.

Ma Ma fed him choi (spinach, today.)  You feed the dragons lettuce leaves, and they sometimes spit it back out with a lai si (lucky money red envelope)!
feeding choi to the lucky dragon

He gave everyone kisses.  Even me.  Pucker up!

lucky dragon giving me a kiss!

Ma Ma made yummy noodles for lunch, and we shared a platter of lucky treats: candied lotus seed, winter melon, and lotus rounds; dumpling shaped cookies filled with peanut paste; rice cake dipped in egg and pan fried; and "lai si" candy that came in red wrappers.  OH, and all the kids got their own lucky money "lai si," but only they could "ching ching" by shaking their clasped fists at Ma Ma and saying "gung hay faht choi!"  Mimi is such a parrot right now, she got it right away...which is why Ma Ma always calls Mimi "gwai" and "good girl."  We've gotten a kick out of seeing how many cantonese words Ma Ma has gotten Mimi to say this past week!

Thank you so much for celebrating Chinese New Years with us, Aunt LoLo!  Gung hay faht choi!



Aunt LoLo said...

Gung Hey Fat Choi!!!! Yesterday was so much fun. *Grin*

Bobbi Lewin said...

How fun! I love the girls' outfits:)

Alexandra said...

Gung hay faht choi!

Sam said...

Gung Hay Fat Choy to you, too!

When we were in China, we were instructed to call our baby "guai, guai" when we wanted to comfort her. Because that was what had always been done. :)

What I Did Today said...

Oh my goodness! So much fun! You guys are so cute! Happy Chinese New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Myrnie, you are my absolute favorite Mama out there! What a great thing to do with your children. The photos are beautiful and colorful. Wonderful.

I gave you an award, if you are interested. It's on today's post.

Hey, I know you are due this month. How are you doing?

Have a great one!