Monday, January 24, 2011

The Play Room

It could definitely be said that I am nesting. Sakes alive.

But hey! I organized all the kids toys into little matching boxes with lids...and labels! Not surprisingly, the kids LOVE THIS. They can see everything! The labels were at Ernie's insistence- sometimes play time involves dumping out every single blessed box in this room, and the labels help her OCD little self deal with the clean up afterwards. Having a reading child is a wonderful thing!

Look! A play kitchen...with all the supplies divided into "Food," "Cooking," and "Dishes" boxes. Mimi totally doesn't get this system when it's clean up time, but thoroughly enjoys being able to find food to eat and dishes to cook it in. I might have over-thought this one? (Those boxes used to hold peaches. My sister and I, we went through a LOT of peaches this summer in a canning frenzy! LoLo, was the final count 4 boxes? 80 pounds?)

A dress up box! With a mirror! Ooh, and a little TV watching nook with tons of pillows and blankets. And a doll stroller abandoned by Mimi- I saw the way she was driving, it's no accident the stroller's outing ended upside down. It probably crashed and burned.

A very, very pregnant woman. Who just realized this shirt? Isn't flattering. Not after the 2nd trimester.

(Oh, and a basement playroom was a DEFINITE plus for this house when we chose it! With the exception of a few "tiny pieces" toys of Ernie's, every toy is down here.)
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Teresa said...

Oh I love to have thing organized...Happy Day
Hang in there little "mommy" how much longer?

Casey said...

Go nesting go! I was just thinking last week we needed a mirror next to our dress up box. I've got one ready to go but I don't want to nail into the paneling. Maybe I can find some super sticky nail replacement kinda like they do with plates... what do you think?

Bobbi Lewin said...

Nesting indeed!

Aunt LoLo said...

Yup. 80 pounds. Glad you could use the boxes!! And the playroom looks great!!

Elizabeth said...

Haha,good for you! You did a great job and it is also nice to see the little one who is soon to come. :) Hope you are getting enough rest!

What I Did Today said...

Nesting is a wonderful thing. I could use some nesting drive right now. Haha. That shirt DOES look a tad short. :)

Alexandra said...

Ah, you look beautiful just the same.

I gotta' say I love labels as well, or at least categories because it makes life so much easier not having to search for stuff. My sister is a slave to labels and organization. I worry about her coming her next month! We are a mess, and I know she'll be cringing the entire visit. LOL. My daughter is a whirlwind whose happiness is toy clutter. I organize it, she joyfully goes behind making glorious heaps.

Elizabeth said...

How are you?

Su said...

Oh ho! Nesting, heh? Good for you!
There was a time I kept meaning to take pictures of the kids' toys to use as "label". Alas, I procrastinated so much that I can probably write the labels out now since my youngest daughter is able to read simple words.
Sigh, good intentions. :)
Coming along really well, mama!