Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Room!

Bedding and lamps from Ikea, afghan was crocheted by my grandmother's friend for our wedding, and the crocheted throw was done by my great-grandmother.  Vintage thrifted milk glass candy dish- it has a bunch of shop stuff I still have around.

The Master Bedroom! Isn't that a delicious blue? I absolutely adore it. I want to eat it with a spoon. Yes, I'm pregnant. We knew that. Such a perfectly creamy dreamy color, it's just a happy room to be in- the kids keep joining me whenever I'm in there, it just feels good!  My husband did so much over his vacation week between Christmas and New Years-

  • he raised the ceiling (it was bowed after a roof leak) 
  • sealed, primed and painted the ceiling
  • primed and painted the walls
  • replaced the old, too-loose, outlets
  • replaced the old light switches to match the white color of the new outlets
  • MADE a bed. 
My little brother agreed to come and help Wonder Daddy put our bed together- he blinked quite a few times when he arrived and I pointed him down the garage.  "He's down there, with the wood and the saw- he's ready for you!"  Poor kid thought he was here for a half-hour allen-wrench fest with an Ikea bed.  They did a gorgeous job, and I really have no good pictures to show.  It's a box, with four legs, and lots of slats.  And very, very difficult to photograph.  We're still deciding on headboard and a paint color.

BUT.  Guys, I can sleep on this bed.  I can roll over on this bed without gratuitous, pitiful, whimpering.  I'm not on the couch any more!  Who knew replacing the box spring with slats would make such a difference?

And this?  This I love- it's where Baby Boy will be.  (No, he doesn't have a name.  But we'll just call him Bam Bam.  Yes?)  His Nana made the quilt, and it is SO soft.

You can see the old wall color here.  Swine.  Light-guzzling swine.  Oh, and you can see our crazy assortment of blues-on-trial over on the right.  Ha.  We had splotches of paint, and taped up paint chips, for YEARS!  We tried and tried to find a khaki color for the ceilings that wouldn't turn spring green next to the blue, but they all did.  In the end, I love the white ceiling.
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Ticia said...

It's lovely. Can you do mine now?

Alexandra said...

It reminds me the sky and sea with a touch of gray. Gorgeous color! So relaxing and sophisticated.

Teresa said...

Love the soft colors...looking wonderful!
Happy Day

Anonymous said...

So dreamy!

Tammy said...

I love that blue... will you email me the color? LOVE. Gorgeous. I need you to design my house!

What I Did Today said...

I second Tammy. Though, I have no desire to paint anything anytime soon. It all looks amazing. Someday I'll come over and see it in real life. Someday. Bam Bam is a really cute name. :)

Bobbi Lewin said...

So "swine" is the name of this ugly beige paint in my living room. Good to know - ha ha! Love your new blue:) and that beautiful corner with the stained glass and the bassinet! Awwwww!

Aunt LoLo said...


That is all I have to say about that.

Lovely, lady!!

Debbie said...

It is lovely! My bedroom is a sage green and I so love it too. Finding a bedroom color you like is so important.