Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things to Make for Valentines Day

Stuck on what to do for Valentine's day?  Here are a few ideas from the archives!

If your sweetie likes chocolate, you can't go wrong with this gift- it's a box made of chocolate bars.  In the past I've filled it with hershey kisses, but maybe that's just chocolate overkill?  Is that possible?  (Not for my hubby it isn't!)

If you want to  make a simple little gift for a girl in your life, how about sparkly earrings?  If you plan on giving a corsage or boutteneire, how about a pretty beaded pin to go along?

For decorating, how about a fun felt garland to make with your kids?  Felt is nice and sticky, so you just need to go in and out with a needle- great for starting sewers!

I've updated the tutorial side bar- check it out for lots of fun things to make!

What do you do for Valentine's Day?  Cards?  Small gifts?  Goodies?


Jennifer said...

Box from Crunch bars, how genius!!

Aunt LoLo said...

Umm....shoot! I have to come up with Valentine's Day presents now?! Ugh. And it's the same weekend as Chinese new year, too.

Ticia said...

Lots of fun ideas. But, I'd have to restrain from eating the chocolate as I'm making it.....