Monday, January 11, 2010

A Gift from my Talented Sister

I received this beautiful tablerunner from my fabulous and talented (and too-far-away) sister, Aunt LoLo for Christmas. Isn't it great? She got busy this last Christmas season and churned out about 6 of these suckers for (uber lucky) gals in the family. I love the colors, and how soothing it looks with the pine table and chairs. (The platter was a birthday gift from my aunt- she's an interior decorator, and doesn't she have fabulous taste??) I love how these two gifts coordinate, and I can see them and think about families who love us.

I especially love the free-motion quilting. It's so LoLo- she could sew a straight line, but why would she want to do that?

I also love how hardworking this is- it's a durable and machine-washable table runner, that can easily stand in as a huge hot pad for a row of hot dishes at dinner time. Brilliant!
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Aunt LoLo said...

Aww....I'm totally blushing right now. And grinning. And OHMYGOODNESS, are those SOOC shots?! Gorgeous, girl.

Buckeroomama said...

I love it how you guys are so sweet!

You should include a link to her Etsy shop. ;p Seriously.

Su said...

Agree with Buckeroomama, you guys are sweet.

Although, I'm pretty sure you know how to push each others buttons as well. I know how I can aggravate my sister :)

Teresa said...

Wonderful gift...that will be a treasure for life.
Happy Day

Elizabeth G. said...

I love your new runner and platter! Isn't it fun to decorate with something new and have it be sentimental items, too? I also love the curtains in your previous post. Decorating is fun, fun!

Are you looking at seed catalogues yet? How do you plant planting the "eyes' cut from regular potatoes?

What's the weather like out your way? Here, it is cold with old snow on the ground, but surprisingly few storms for January. Hear that something may be coming for next week!


Tammy said...

I used mine today to hold my crockpot when the missionaries came over... love it!

Debbie said...

You do have a great sister. And so does she.