Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Legs

Baby legs are good enough to eat (and I do- believe me, I do!) but they're extra cute in these leg warmers from the indomitable Aunt LoLo. She makes them out of women's trouser socks- LoLo, I thought you had a tutorial, but I couldn't find it!

If anyone is sewing along at home, you basically cut the foot off the sock above the ankle, then cut the toe and ankle off the foot part to make it into a tube. Fold the tube together and attach as the bottom cuff, and you have adorable baby leg warmers!

(Did that make any sense? In theory it makes sense to me, but I always sew linings and cuffs backwards. Which is why LoLo excels at these baby leg warmers and I've never even attempted them! I'll bet if you ask nice, she'll put a pair in her shop *grin*)

Mimi adores skirts (her gargantuan cloth diapers make pants seem so restricting) and leg warmers are great for keeping her warm, but her feet uncovered so she doesn't slip on our hardwood floors. Plus, the legwarmers are great for our frequent diaper changes, and tights are always so tight over the diapers (plus, they don't breathe well...) Thanks Aunt LoLo, we LOOOOVE our leg warmers!! (In fact, Ernie was so smitten that she wore a pair to bed, over her jammies.)

It feels like this space has been so quiet lately. I've recorded a few new songs for you guys- one is being mixed down by my fantastic husband (we pulled out all the fun stuff- microphones, mixers, cords, was a riot!) but since I did vocals and accompaniment, the tracks aren't mushed together yet. He's mushing :) I can't wait for you guys to hear it! The second song I recorded needs to be re-done: higher notes, sung while playing piano, don't record well. At all :) I have another picked out to record, but sent the book to my mom for the weekend- it's a great compilation of old spirituals and folk tunes, set to real accompaniment, not just chords and melody like most publishers push out. I can't wait to get it on tape for you guys! There's one more piano/vocal song I have picked out, but it needs a little more work since I just found it yesterday. Then there's a show tune I'm just dying to record, even if it's a cappella (I don't have the piano music, but it's so fanastic it doesn't need accompaniment right? Isn't that what we all tell ourselves when we're belting something out in the shower?)

So, lots going on in the background, but not a lot showing up here!

At the rate I'm snapping pictures of all our Christmas goodies, I could be blogging about the holidays for months!
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Aunt LoLo said...

There's the tute! Super easy to make....but you're right - I'd definitely put some up in the shop if someone wanted them!

Glad you guys like them.

Alexandra said...

Love leg warmers! I wear them in the house with skirts...cozy. My daughter has a pair as well. I'll go check out your sister's Etsy store.

Su said...

Your baby is becoming a big girl, huh? She looks very much like her sister.
Love those leggings.