Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm in big trouble

Fred Meyer (a local we-carry-clothes-milk-bikes-and-gardening-supplies-and-we-have-a-huge-bulk-section-too kind of store) had their yearly "40% off" coupon for gardening seeds.  I got in all kinds of trouble with this last year (that's how I ended up with "yard long" beans that produced one, eighteen-inch bean a week, and how I got so many durn tomatillos!)

I was only going to get tomato, marigold, and basil seeds.  Just normal things that we eat all the time, and things I didn't have seeds for yet.

Please add these to my list for this Spring:
Early Wonder Beets
Olympia Spinach
Giant Musselburg Leeks (already missed the boat on these, but I'm going to try anyway)
Genovese Basil (see! I can stick to a list!)
Royal Burgundy Beans
Roma Tomato
Sweet 100 Tomato
Yellow Pear Tomato
Early Girl Tomato
Carpet of Snow Alyssum (white)
Starfire Signet Mix
Royal Carpet Alyssum (purple)
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Lemon Queen Sunflower

Oh, and I found an extra stash of seeds in my cupboard I didn't get in the ground last fall, so add kale, broccoli, mustard spinach, and peas.  Plus the nasturtium seeds in my freezer.

And please know that I am going to give a lot of the veggie seeds to my mom to start in her greenhouse, and she doesn't do things by half: SHE WILL PLANT THE ENTIRE PACKET.  Bless her heart (although she might not bless mine when she sees what I've done!)

So, if you live in the area, prepare yourself.  If you thought the Great Seedling Giveaway of 2009 was a big deal, wait till you see what happens this year with FOUR kinds of tomatoes, plus basil, leeks, and whatever else we have more than we can possibly fit.

And if I misled you last week, I am sorry.  This is what my deck looks like right now:

The green onions I planted last year have survived multiple harvests, but as you can see...not what it was last July.  But I have high hopes for this summer!

Yours in wishful thinking-


Aunt LoLo said...

Heh. Umm....again, LOOK WHAT'S ON THE MENU! LOL

Think I can transplant any of those in June??? *grin* If I can, I'd love to help out!! hahaha

Su said...

Well, look at that list.... good luck!! Lol. I mean that. I have such respect for anyone who can start plants indoors.

My kids and I are going to try to start cucumbers and basil indoors, because I suddenly think that I should give it another shot. Maybe some tomatoes (or maybe I`ll bribe my friend Janet to start some of those for me)

Ticia said...

Seriously, how big is your backyard?

Mama Papaya said...

I am intentionally staying away from garden stores right now because I have the fever. Looking forward to watching your garden grow.

Catherine Anne said...

I need to start thinking about ours as well~

olivia said...

I think that's awesome. I can't seem to grow anything.

Teresa said...

Great list! Holy cow how fun. Hope all "grows" well =)

Elizabeth G. said...

Are you already starting to plant???? I've got to get my act together! It can freeze here up until mid-May (sometimes later)...What could I plant early? I usually don't get much in the ground until late May...I want to container garden this year, though.

Have you sung anything lately?