Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Geekery: Sharing Anything on the Web, in Google Reader

If you use Google Reader to see your blog feeds (and I love my reader- I subscribe to 307 blogs!) then do you know you can "follow" people and see things they share?  It's true.  My sister and I love to send ideas back and forth to each other this way- "Did you see what Jenny did?"  "My hips are growing just looking at that!"  "Quick- make me this and put it in the mail."

Sometimes I see ideas that aren't in my blog feed- maybe it's a newspaper article, or maybe it's a recipe I plan on making that night that I want my hubby to see (I share with him, too.)

So, if you have Google Reader, do this:
Under "Your Stuff" click on "Shared Items."  It has an orange icon next to it.

Now look up in the top right corner- see the "Note In Reader" button?  Click on it, and drag it up to your tool bar.  (I use Google Chrome as my internet explorer, but it should work in any explorer widget toolbar.)

Now on any web page, click and share!


Aunt LoLo said...

I couldn't get it to work in Explorer, so I downloaded Chrome...and it works great now!

Added bonus? When people have those embedded comment forms (*ahem*ALLOURDUCKIES) because Chrome is Google based, I'm already logged in and only have to click "submit" once...instead of three or four times. YEA!!!

PS - my boy just figured out how to climb onto chairs to get stuff from the table. HOLD ME.

Anna said...

you read 307 blogs!?

Sam said...

That is cool! I use Bloglines, but I've been thinking about switching. :)

Mama Papaya said...

I have been meaning to ask how you do that. You rock. Thank you!