Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Sunday: Tofu, carrot, onion, cellophane noodle stir fry with garlic, ginger, and Yoshida sauce

Monday:grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover apple sauce.

Tuesday:Vegetarian Black Bean Chipotle chili, rice.  A favorite, and a crockpot recipe.

Wednesday:Vegetarian Black Bean Chipotle chili-cornbread bake.  I'll make cornbread batter and spoon it over the top and stick the whole thing in the oven.  Do you think it will fake the toddler into eating it two days in a row?  Oh, and braised kale (This kale is DELICIOUS- the red pepper makes it a bit spicy, which I love, and the vinegar at the end is amazing.  A must try, if you think you don't like kale.)

Thursday: Tatties n Neeps, biscuits, apple slices.  (Mama Papaya and Aunt LoLo...this day is for you guys!)

Friday: Tortilla Espanola - a potato fritatta of sorts.  I'll have to borrow my parents' cast-iron skillet for this one.  It will make good use of our really great yukon potatoes- they're local, and amazingly sweet.  Who knew I could find local potatoes at the grocery store??

Saturday: Pasta with Braised Kale, with goat cheese or parmesan.  Depends on how I'm feeling that night.  Another solid kale dish.

Baking for the week:
Three batches Wheat Bread (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, OR triple on Monday and freeze dough loaves)
Acorn squash muffins (for snacks) This is Aunt LoLo's favorite Jamie recipe for Butternut Squash muffins...but I have an acorn squash.  We'll muddle through somehow, and the kids will think they're cupcakes.  Well, they kind of are!
Biscuits-  I found out that if I cut out all my biscuits, and freeze the ones we won't eat that night, I can take them from freezer to oven beautifully- they only cook for an extra few minutes.  This will be a HUGE time saver!  It will also save us from eating an entire batch of biscuits for dinner/breakfast.  Urp.

Things I need to use:
acorn squash
goat cheese
parmesan cheese
Chipotle peppers
mandarin oranges

Hmm, not bad planning!  Should be a tasty week.  Oh, and SO many of these recipes are on our cooking site/repository, The Chow Review.


Su said...

You're so goooood!
It's like an episode of Iron Chef at my house sometimes. Except without the sous chefs

Dinner in an hour.
What's in the fridge and pantry?
Make something nutritious.

Aunt LoLo said...

Sounds great!!

On the muffins, make sure you peel your acorn squash first. ;-) Butternut squash has a REALLY thin (and rather soft) skin. Acorn? Not so much. Break out the chisel and hammer! LOL

Alexandra said...

What a yummy week! I like kale as well. I was cleaning out my recipes and found a cheesy kale recipe that I haven't made in some time.