Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beautiful Life: Easter Finery and a Giveaway

It's time for Melissa's Beautiful Life linky fest once again! I've learned a lot of new skills over the past year, but I believe one of my favorites is something that I've always known how to do, but didn't do very often. I love to make tiny skirts for my daughters and nieces- you don't need much in the way of pattern, fabric, or even time but they are so cute and the girls love them. So there you go: I'm making our lives more beautiful one Easter skirt at a time.

I told y'all about the fabulous fabric stash I came into, however curious the circumstances. I showed you the first stash-busting project . Meet projects 2 and 3.

The smaller skirt was meant for Ernie, but I didn't take into account that her back side CURVES, which means knee-length in front is definitely a little more party in the back than Easter Sunday would generally dictate. So it's been assigned BBJ status, and BBJ's to Baby Aurora (as Ernie calls our newest niece.) When I tried Ernie's original skirt on her, she said "Too small Mommy! My legs cold!" So, Ernie's was lengthened somewhat. Quite a lot, actually. I made it after she went to bed, and we might hem a little bit. *smile*

Lucky for you guys, I am in love with these skirts and have extra fabric!

So, the giveaway: one custom spring skirt for your little girl!

Who would you put this skirt on. A daughter? A doll? An infant? Would you just zip some elastic in and whiz up a side seam and call it a day like I did? Smock the top and put should straps for a tiny sun dress? Something else?

Leave a comment with your ideas, and if you're the winner THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO (if I can :o) Make sure you leave an e-mail address or blog address so I can reach you, and have a measuring tape handy because I'll need measurements :)

I'll choose a winner on Tuesday, March 31st to get this in the mail, so it will be in your hands in time for Easter.

Good luck everybody!


lera said...

Ahh! The photos won't load with the hospital's slow connection.

I love "party in the back." Sounds like a description of a mullet.

Aunt LoLo said...

If I win, I get to choose someone for you to send the skirt to. ;-)
(I linked to your giveaway...)

Teresa said...

Beautiful little skirt= It would look lovely on one of my granddaughters =}

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Here's an idea.....
Double the height of the 3rd tier, fold in half (lengthwise), then the fold is the hem and the two raw edges are together and are gathered and sewn to the second tier. No hemming... that always makes me say 'Yippey Skippey!"

Of course if the last tier is for a taller person than E - then it would be a waste of a lot of fabric. But for those itsy bitsy little girls it could be a time saver.

Arleen @ Seasons for All said...

Those little skirts are adorable! What great taste and talent you have. Thanks for sharing! ~Arleen

Casey said...

Very cute! I like the Spring colors!

JamericanSpice said...

Those are looking so cute and it's summer here! really. It's 81 today! OY!

I would give to my daughter I think I'd do a little elastic in the back of the waist and a tiny side zip and leave it as is and just put on a cute top.

Now off to find my tape.

calliemist at yahoo dot com

Gina said...

How beautiful, I've got a little gal who loves to twirl and spin in skirts-she'd love it!

grammy said...

I have four Granddaughters and they all love to dress up. The more girlie the better. It would be for my oldest who is seven. She is very slim, but her Mom doesn't like things short. Ruffles, layers, spring colors. Yummm...sounds so delightful.

Anonymous said...

Those skirts are adorable!! I have three little girls who love to dress up girly and those colors are perfect. I am going to be copying you, I hope you don't mind.:)


Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, I'm baaack!

These are adorable skirts, but my daughter is too old for them. When I update my blog for Monday, I'll link to yours for your GiveAway.

I love your daughter's quilt from your MIL. It's adorable and unique.

As for the fox...Yeah, having chickens would be tough. You'd really have to put up ... what barbed wire...around the coop at night. Chickies are tough to keep away from critters.

Have a great Sabbath!

daniela said...

stumbled upon your blog, what a lovely idea. it's supposed to be spring isn't it... at least it's warm now, the rain will be over by mid may. maybe we will have some sunshine on easter too and be able to wear the skirt!