Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Bedding

I remembered the other day I'd never showed you guys a few things. They're in Ernie's room, so it's a rare day that favorable picture conditions (sunny, kids are awake, her room is clean, and I have a few minutes to sneak away and snap photos) happen.

My exceptionally talented mother-in-law (Nana) made a gorgeous bedding set for Ernie when the baby was born. She found the pattern in a picture online, and then free handed it from there. What an amazing act of love! Ernie loves her pillowcase and blanket, and the wall hanging with her name on it.

Ernie also needed new sheets, so I picked up an inexpensive white set at Ikea before Christmas, and gussied them up a bit. (Are these upside down? I wanted her to be able to see them when she laid down...but they look a bit odd. What do you think?)

I fell in love with Sublime Stitching patterns last year, and was thrilled when I got an entire book of iron-on transfers for my birthday last Fall. I simply trace them, though- it's easy enough on white fabric, and makes them last longer. (I also appreciate disappearing ink when my stitches aren't so straight as they ought to be!)

I thought it would be funny to put sweets on her know, "sweet dreams"?

She didn't get quite as big a kick out of them as I did, but I really enjoyed stitching these up. So yummy!


Su said...

I love the quilt. One day, I may attempt quilting. Something (uhmm, probably 'hard work') is preventing me.
Aww... that's so "sweet"!

LunaMoonbeam said...

BBJ sez - Oh! Nice peey-low!

and I think it's pretty 'sweet', too ;-)

Lorie said...

THose are SO CUTE!!!! They don't look odd at all!

Debbie said...

What a great room! I can't imagine how special I would feel to call that room my own.

Anna said...

Goodness, those are adorable!


Best thing in the room is the favorite oldest granddaughter that says so adorably "Hi Nana!" <3

sewtakeahike said...

I love your addition to the sheets! So "sweet"! they go great with the quilt!

Alexandra said...

Oh, I love that bed set. I want one! LOL.