Thursday, March 12, 2009

It Needs To Be Said

I wasn't going to say anything, was just going to let it slide by. But I can't. I've been having heart burn all week, and something must be said.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm a Mormon, if you will. Besides the Muslim faith, I'm not aware of many other churches or faiths on this green earth that elicit such strong reactions. People love us- we're good neighbors, we're Boy Scouts, we make casseroles. People hate us- we stick to our own, we have a weird religion, we don't vote like they do. Are any of those stereotypes true? Yes. No. Maybe. Depends. It's hard to characterize over 10 million people based on a handful of people you happen to have met in your life.

We've gotten a lot of publicity the last year. Mitt Romney, Proposition 8, Big Love, among others. Three things that have very little to do with the Church and what we believe, but rather more to do with individuals who have joined or left our church.

And so, as a favor to me, can you do this? Next time you hear something you don't understand or think is wrong...go find someone to ask. Shoot me an e-mail. Flag down a missionary- they'll answer any question you can throw at them, and have fun doing it. Heck, you'll make their day if you just make eye contact!

Most of what's smeared around out there is just gossip, half-truths, misunderstandings, or just lies. And it hurts to see something that I believe in and love so strongly bandied around like playground gossip.

And for the record, I don't make casseroles. *smile*

Here are a few links if you have questions.

The Church's response to Big Love preparing to air an episode showing our most sacred and holy temple ordinances. Things that we promise Heavenly Father himself that we'll never share, outside of the temple. What they're doing quite honestly makes me cry.

If you're curious about temples, those beautiful buildings all over the world, check out this 3 minute video regarding why we build them.


Karie said...

I am glad you spoke up about this. I am not Mormon, but my religion, Seventh Day Adventist has a lot of the same problems of rumors because we attend church on Saturday and have weird dietary beliefs. If people would only look for the truth of things themselves.

Myrnie said...

Thank you Karie!

Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, Myrnie -

Yeah, I totally agree with everything you said. It's been really bothering me. Why don't they just leave us alone and talk about something else?

Actually, you probably know this but Tom Hanks, who produces Big Love, was Mormon for a short period of time when he was young. He also really disagreed with us on Prop 8, making some less than courteous comments. I believe his feelings are behind this upcoming Big Love episode.

Ugh. Oh, well. I think that I will link to your post, if you don't mind. It's very well written.


Alexandra said...

Coming over from Elizabeth G's blog...I've not heard of Big love, but I can understand your pain. I'm a Roman Catholic, and we tend to be the whipping boy for one thing or another. We don't get it right 100% of the time, but then again who does - we are all sinners.

What we do need to have more religious tolerance and respect in this country.

God bless, and I'll have to browse your projects! I'm in a crafty mood lately, and I love Etsy.

Chino Blanco said...

Tom Hanks puts this brouhaha into perspective (and waxes prophetic) at the 3rd season premiere of Big Love:

"There's gonna be lies, and secrets, and discoveries, and problems. Television!"

Melissia said...

I came over to you blog from Elizabeth's and I am not sure she knows I read her blog. I think that what frustrates me as a person of no organized religious belief is that this sort of lack of communication happens between all people and all faiths or non-faiths. We are simply not meeting each other one on one and finding the value in each person. I am so guilty of that. It seems the best we as people can do is live our beliefs and treat other people the way we want to be treated.

Aunt LoLo said...

You've got some love over on my craft blog!

(doncha love form letters? looks like you got a lotta love on this post!)

Teresa said...

I agree- well said. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

Debbie said...

Now what do you have against casseroles? I can send you a few recipes:)
I'm Catholic and I think, especially here in the south, we get treated the same way. I love diversity in life, don't you?