Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Garden Rundown

The seeds are purchased! I went a little crazy at the store with my half-off coupon. And I'm in denial that the ONLY things that grew last year were seeds planted directly in the garden. My mom and I are splitting seeds, and she offered to start them in her green house.

Here is what we're growing this year:

Ambassador ZUCCHINI (50 days, hybrid, disease resistant, high yield, bush-type)

Celebrity Hybrid TOMATO (70 days, heavy yields, disease resistant, 8 oz fruits, short vines.)

White Sensation Hybrid SWEET CORN (70 days, 8-inch ears, 6' plants)

Dow Gauk/Yard-Long BEAN (70 days, 12-18" beans. Pick at 12" for fresh, or leave until yellow for shelled. Tastes like asparagus? Needs trellis.)

Lemon CUCUMBER (65 days, looks like a lemon, good for slicing and pickling. "Burpless." Just what does that mean?)

Genovese BASIL (75 days, good for pesto)

Early Wonder BEET (60 days, stores well, good fresh or canned, flavorful greens)

Globe Purple Top TURNIP (55 days, good greens, very tasty when young too.)

Bright Lights SWISS CHARD (35-56 days, multi-colored. I grew this last year from seed in the ground- YUMMY and easy to grow!)

GROUND TOMATO/HUSK CHERRY (70 days, smaller and sweeter than a tomatillo. Can be eaten raw or made into pie/preserves. Anyone had these before??)

Scallop Bush Mix SQUASH (50 days, patty pan type squash)

RADISH (don't know the type, it was a freebie in the mail.)

Blue Lake BUSH BEANS (Seeds of Change, organic seeds.)

So that's where I'll be this summer.

What about you? Any big plans this year?


Aunt LoLo said...

Pots on the deck. ;-) Some herbs...maybe some tomatoes. Nothing fancy this year - the deer and squirrels ate EVERY LAST THING out of the yard last year, from tomatoes to plums to apples. *sigh*

Elizabeth G. said...

Ooooh, Spring planting ideas. Well, Ihaven't done it yet. I am putting off plowing up my garden. Ugh. Grass is growing in there right now.

Sounds like your garden will be full of yummy stuff. What part of the country are you in?


Casey said...

Your garden sounds great! I'm digging up mine to try and expand it a bit. I hate digging up the sod. It is so heavy!

I wish it would stop snowing every few days so I could really get a jump on things! :)

Debbie said...

Wow! It sounds great.

Su said...

Your garden sounds wonderful!
Last fall, I planted more garlic, so I look forward to that this year.
I have my 'regulars' - peas, radishes, spinach, green peppers, beef tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Maybe beans. I have asparagus from last year. It's biannual, so I'm supposed to get something this year. We'll see!
Wow... when I list it all like that, it sounds like I have a lot, doesn't it? :) It's actually a really small garden.

Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, Myrnie - I just came over to take a look at your Etsy store. My favorite are those pins with the crystals on the end. Wouldn't it be great if there was a resurgence of hats and hat pins? Remember how beautiful the pins use to be?

Have a great day!