Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Growing Up

Ernie is growing up so fast! Monday evening she learned how to play "Red Light Green Light." She was howling with laughter. She was so intent on stopping when Daddy turned around her feet stopped before her belly could and she went flying through the air, to land in a giggling heap at Daddy's feet.

Yesterday was our first Story Time at the library- she was so intent on the story! I had her in my lap and tried to get her excited about things, clapping around her and whispering in her ear things like "Look! They're getting in the bus! Look, it's a plane!" She finally slid off my lap, took my face in one hand, put a finger to my lips and looking into my eyes very seriously said "Shhh." Story time is serious business! After that, she stood silently in front of me, totally intent on the stories our librarian told. We learned about things that go- cars, boats, planes, trains, tractors, and feet. At the end, all the children were handed a felt "feather' for Tom the Turkey, and we sang a song to call each color of feather up one by one to place on the flannel board. I was SO PROUD of my little girl when she walked up to the front of the room all by herself to carefully put her white feather on the board like she'd seen the other children do.

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