Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Dressed

Ernie got to do more baking this week- our friend needed an outlet to use some freshly-ground wheat flour, and we needed something to fill our morning! The loaves turned out beautiful. Thanks, Kathy, and to her fabulous husband who just loved grinding the wheat so much he finished an ENTIRE bag!

We've been working on "getting dressed" this week. A few examples:

Ernie is diligently trying to put her shirt back ON, all by herself!

It's a tough go. But then again, she has a great role model in Aunt LoLo. Nice pants!

Ah well, she'll get it eventually. I hope.

Somebody looks faaahbulous!

1 comment:

Teah said...

Why yes. Yes I do. Thanks for noticing.

~Aunt Lo Lo