Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Girls Have Fun

Today was a day of action and adventure! Well, at least a lot of telephone calls. I never knew so many things could happen on a Tuesday!

The most monumental thing to happen this week (so far) is that Ernie and Cousin BBJ can play together. Nicely. For the last few months it has been Ernie's mission to make her cousin cry whenever possible, and to back into a corner shrieking whenever said cousin comes near. She scared of her? She wants to dominate her? I think the closest I've come to the truth is that Ernie needs order in her life. She could spend 45 minutes stacking and unstacking yogurt cups when she was 1. Chicken nuggets must always be served on a plastic Ikea plate. We must sit on the second step to put on her shoes. Then along comes this moving, noisy BABY with antennae, ready to do who knows what....it's a little unsettling! (Check out Cousin BBJ's hair on teahlo.blogspot.com- you'll see the said antennae!)

So, things Ernie and BBJ can do together:
1) Ernie can feed her cousin "treats." Like you would a dog.
2) Peek-a-Boo. Ernie hides, and BBJ and I pull off the covers. Picture above is Ernie, pre-Boo. Or "boy," as she likes to carefully say. I think it's just as scary!
3) Much like the first, but Ernie can share her snacks with BBJ.

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