Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Angel Baby

Angel Baby. That's what we call Ernie when she's good, and today she was VERY good. Mama had to be gone for the morning, leaving Ernie with Aunt Lolo and BBJ. In the past, this has been Very Bad. And since today is Wednesday, Aunt Lolo has many piano lessons today and not much time for Very Bad situations, but she is a sweetheart and straight away offered to babysit when I called to ask her how to get through a morning with Ernie sitting in the car for 3 1/2 hours. (Which, by the way, is how long I was on the phone last night. Did I mention that EVERYTHING seemed to happen yesterday?)

I left Ernie at her house at 8:45, with a container full of hard-boiled eggs, her favorite food (yesterday.) She was so excited about that egg until she saw Aunt Lolo's centerpiece- a gorgeous, glistening, chocolate bundt cake sitting pretty in a cake stand. Ah. There goes the egg idea. I hear she actually ate half a banana before being allowed half a slice of wonderful cake. And that she happily watched a movie while piano lessons were taught, and bravely tried to ignore the small bug-girl who was grinning and swatting at her blanket.

She enjoyed her walk today with Aunt Lolo and little bug- we try and take a nice long one everyday, while the weather's good. We dropped some soup and pao de queijo off at a friend's house, stopped at the Vietnamese deli for a steamed bun filled with chinese sausage slices, a pork meatball, and a boiled egg quarter. (tai bao, Aunt Lolo tells me. It was Delicious, and for a buck seventy-five, I intend to go back!) The girls were great in the asian market we went to next, and didn't even fuss when we walked them the mile back home in the rain. What troopers!

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