Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun....and not fun.

E had a great Saturday- we went for a walk, played games, and went to the ward's "Trunk Or Treat" This is our second one this year (first was Aunt Lolo's ward), and she has FULLY grasped that when we put this costume on her, she gets to grab her bucket and run around a parking lot collecting candy from every car. This outfit is now her favorite thing to see me pull out! That's a big improvement- at first, the only redeeming quality was the velcro I used to keep the back of the neckline shut- she could undo that, and have it all off in a flash. I didn't feel so smart about spending so much time picking out coordinating colors that would work with her complexion, cutting, sewing, ironing...didn't feel smart at all! May as well cut two holes in a pillow case and call her a ghost!

After the trunk or treat, there was still time before bedtime and Daddy craved gelato- how many people can say there's a gelato cafe 2 blocks from their house? (Un)fortunately, we CAN say that, and now the shop owners know us by sight! I ordered mango and berry, and Daddy ordered passion fruit and coconut. This was E's first time, and she loved it- she ate my gelato, she ate Daddy's gelato, then she danced around on the stage they use for the Friday night jazz-guitarist.

So Saturday was all fun, and Sunday was all fun (she loves Nursery now- pulls Daddy all the way down the hall after sacrament meeting!), but she woke up from her nap with a 101.7 degree fever, runny nose, deep cough, sore throat, runny eyes...it must be almost November! She spent a few weeks last year sick last year, either sleeping, watching movies, or nursing. Almost no other food passed her lips, she didn't play...it was so sad to watch. She's not quite that bad (fingers crossed), but this time we know: no cold medicine, use a humidifier in her room, and give her lots of liquids. I'm actually giving her juice, which I've never done before at home. Her hands and lips and skin are dry, her eyes are red...she's my little sickie, but she's such a trooper. She doesn't whine or fuss, and shows me what movies she wants to watch or just cuddles in my lap. She didn't sleep much the last few nights- waking up every 2 hours, then finally asking to get out at 5:00. BUT, she's been asleep for her nap for almost 2 hours now, which is promising! She hasn't eaten since eating lunch yesterday, but has drunk a glass of milk and a glass of juice.

I've canceled music lessons and play dates, canceled visiting our 87 year-old friend yesterday, and will probably cancel visiting my grandmother. So everyone, wish us luck...and we'll see you when this is over!

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Here's a get well quick wish from Nana and Grandpa!