Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Get it While You Can!

Ernie has FIRMLY learned the sign for "candy" (fist with the pointer finger extended, rotating the finger tip on your cheek) and she knows where every scrap of candy is in this house. She makes her rounds- ice cream in the freezer? No. Hard candy in the baking cabinet? No. Vitamins in the spice cabinet? Only one. Lift me up on the counter so I can see what's in the snack basket? Uh-uh. Making dinner is always fun, because she figures if I'm in the kitchen, I must be there to get her a snack! This is how I kept her occupied- see all those dishes? She loaded them ALL by herself. Very firmly and decidedly. She knows a good job when she see it.

Something else she knows is good: cookies. Our house has been baked-goods free for 3 weeks now. In those three weeks I've lost 6 pounds...I think it's safe to say it's a good thing I've stopped baking! However, last night was J's Teacher's Quorum presidency meeting, and snickerdoodles were in order. Feast your eyes, because you won't be seeing these again for a long time!

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Teah said...

So..."get it while you can." Does that mean I should be running my little hiney over there right now to get cookies? Lucky for you, Louh Gung is out of town, or he'd eat them all! And BBJ is going down for a, your cookies are safe. For now.