Friday, September 14, 2012

Sleep Trouble

12:30 am Mimi knocks on my door, to tell me that Cocoa drew on her bed.

12:57 AM Ernie knocks on my door to tell me that her clocks says 12:54, and it scared her.  (Her heart is going like a rabbit's.)  I think she woke up with Mimi, and I shut the door.  She doesn't like having the door shut.

6:00 AM Cocoa wakes up.  HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT, y'all.  The night before, he was up 4 times.  Teeth.  They're nasty little buggers.  I pull Cocoa into bed with me.

9:00 AM Cocoa and I wake up.  This is weird.

11:00 AM try for Cocoa's 10 am nap.  Nope.

12:30 PM try for Cocoa's 10 am nap.  Nope.

5:00 PM Making dinner, Ernie comes and grabs me to show me something "Really weird!" in the playroom.



7:00 PM Cocoa wakes up.

9:00 PM Put Cocoa to bed.  Nope.

10:30 PM Put Cocoa to bed.  Nope.

11:20 PM, Cocoa falls asleep in Wonder Daddy's lap.  Wonder Daddy may or may not have fallen asleep as well.

Sleep problems.  We gots em.  

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