Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Primary's Got Talent

The annual kiddie talent show happened this past weekend- the girls were preeeetttttyyyyy excited!

I snapped some pictures before we left.

2012 Primary Talent Show

2012 Primary Talent Show

Ernie was fairly nervous to play her piece (Choose the Right)

2012 Primary Talent Show

Mimi recited a poem, Wee Willy Winky

2012 Primary Talent Show

MAN, we had camera failures that night.  White balance on these, and I snapped on my big fat zoom lens, and I guess I can't take videos with it?  Then I fumbled the settings and most of my photos turned out completely black for Ernie.  I think Wonder Daddy got a video on his iPhone.  But for Mimi, I got good pictures, and he missed hitting the record button.

Oh well.  It was a great night.  We have a TON of kids in our church congregation.  There are over 100 kids aged 3-12, and if I remember right there are about 60 kids 3 and under.  So the night's offerings were VERY exuberantly received by the crowd, since the vast majority of folks watching the show were under four feet tall.  By the end, there was a herd of small girls dancing in the front, and running screaming across the auditorium.

I had a busy Saturday, with a co-op garage sale, auditioning for a Christmas show, and my cousin's baby shower in a town an hour away.  Weird to have a day being gone for most of it- it's been years since that happened.

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Aminat said...

Cute kids... Great job