Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mimi Turns Four

Mimi is four. Oh my heck.

Thursday, we had celebratory muffins and bedroom door streamers. She only wanted a party with her cousins, and it moved to their house at the last minute to let the birthday girl play on their trampoline. I forgot the party favors, but remember the streamers and presents and birthday brownies. We went without games so the kids had time to play their favorite "pretends" and such. We had dinner at her current favorite restaurant, a Chinese buffet that can appease everyone. (Pizza, sushi, fruit, fish, soups, salads, rice, and tables full of fried food. Oh, and soft serve.) A successful day, with no stressed out preschooler!

Today we had the family dinner. It was... ummm... Well, we had chicken nuggets, French fries, berry salad, popcorn, and chocolate milk. With a princess cake. Uh huh.

Happy Fourth, Mims!!

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J. said...

Cute cake that every princess would love. don't you just love kids' birthday dinners :).