Friday, September 21, 2012

Long Math Day and Crayon Art

doing her math work

stacking and coloring with tablet crayons

I know why blogs always look so nice.  It's because we only have time to pick up the camera when the kids are happy and quiet.  Bingo.

Story problems completely derailed my daughter this week, I discovered this morning- all of this week's math was still waiting to be finished.  (A surprise to me.  Not a nice surprise, either.)  A long painful process ate up most of our afternoon, but some enticements (a hardboiled egg) and some help (reading the problems aloud, so she wasn't distracted by seeing all the words) helped move things along.

I brought out my old tablet crayons for the little kids, and everyone had fun stacking, banging, and coloring.  Mimi and Cocoa's pictures turned out remarkably similar, actually.  Quite colorful!!

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