Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pictures of August at the Lake

Sand castles

Walking to the beach



Sun bathing

Awesome goggles

When he gets that look, you know someone is going down.

Swimming with the life vest


Every summer, for the past six years, my parents have hosted a family reunion at the lake town Manson, in the middle of Washington apple country.  We rent a few houses in a resort community, with big beaches, slow roads, and big green grassy fields.  My parents, the five of us kids (plus families), a few friends, and some in-laws all gathered for a week this year and soaked up the sunshine and the calm.  It's always so great to get together and talk and enjoy.  Even though a lot of us live in the same town, there's something great about having so much time together.  I get a chance to talk to my brothers and sisters, they get to play with their nieces and nephews.  Wonder Daddy and I snuck away one evening for a local concert to see Jonny Lang.  My mom (plus a helper) took all the grandkids mini golfing every night after dinner.  We spent every day at the beach, where the kids got their fill (umm....literally) of sand, sun, and water.  So grateful to be making these summer memories every year!

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J. said...

Wow. That's really neat. I'd love to that with my family or something like it :)