Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Evening

A quiet Sunday. We don't have these often- we gather to eat with my family most Sundays. I love seeing everyone, and cooking for a crowd (and cooking grown up food), and having help with the kitchen afterward. It was nice to get home from church today and just BE. Daddy and Mimi read stories, Ernie played on the computer, Cocoa toodled around, and I made dessert. We all tidied the kitchen together. It was nice.

We baked frozen battered fish fillets (a family favorite), pan roasted asparagus (great texture, and too much lemon juice for everyone's tastes but mine), and made a big pot of cous cous (new dish for us, big hit with everyone!). Easy dinner, and yummy. Dessert was a waffle trifle with vanilla pudding and strawberries. The girls loved it, but it was just as bad as it sounds, haha. I made whole wheat waffles this morning for breakfast- dry and tough and greasy. Fresh ground hard red winter wheat does not mesh with my signature waffles- they should be light and fluffy and lemony. Ha! The trifle sure was pretty though :). I sprinkled the top with dried coconut from the bulk section- it's not sweetened, and it's crunchy. (Recipe idea came from the May issue of Everyday Food- I'm sure with freshly made vanilla custard and fluffy Belgian waffles it's divine.)


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J. said...

My mouth is watering. That looks divine.